Freed hostages update

The deceptively labeled  "peace activists" from the deceptively named Christian Peacemakers Team recently freed from captivity in Iraq have not only refused to thank their rescuers, they've refused to give additional information about their captors which might help free other hostages.   Hmmm, maybe they would have just been happier to remain with their captors who they might see as their liberators. Ethel C. Fenig   3 26 07 Update from Ethel Fenig: Although the members of the so—called Christian Peacemakers Teams that were rescued in Iraq claimed they journeyed there "motivated by a passion for justice and peace to live out a non—violent alternative in a nation wracked by armed conflict" they're delusional, they're lying and even a bit racist.   Where were their voices when Saddam was gassing Kurds, fighting Iran, slaughtering his own people?  Or did they believe this was "justice and peace"?   And if they...(Read Full Post)