The jihad continues

Get set for dhimmitude, all you Kufrs. A million dollar bounty has been placed on the heads, according to a Muslim cleric in Pakistan. That will teach you to avoid offending the exaggerated sensibilities of radical Muslims. And this is taking place in a country regarded as an ally in our war on terror. We are awaiting a wave of denunciation from all those moderate Muslims who are appalled at the bullies who have hijacked their religion. Perhaps CAIR could sponsor a mission to Pakistan to denounce the cleric Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi and tell him the severe damage he is doing to "American—Islamic Relations" and educate him (and all Muslims) on the need to respect other faiths and their values. That would make "American—Islamic Relations" into a two—way street of tolerance. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, has his own reaction: In Islamabad, visiting former President Bill Clinton criticized the cartoons but said Muslims wasted an opportunity to build better ties with the...(Read Full Post)