Able Danger Summary

A.J. Strata has summarized the Able Danger open hearings.  And it appears that this program was working, that it was used to roll up Al Qaeda quickly after 9/11 , and that the reasons for discarding what it had uncovered do not pass a laugh test. Strata's conclusion: Able Danger was working to identify Al Qaeda and had struck gold with the Hamburg cell. But the same technology and group, working on a completely independent study implicates the Clinton administration so all the data, China and Al Qaeda targets, is destroyed in a moment of political panic. It is now highly possible 9—11 happened because the Clinton administration was afraid of bad PR Further detail on the destruction of the data: While Cambone tried to link the data purge to this 90—day rule, Weldon and the other witnesses (with first hand knowledge) pointed to the LIWA China Study that was being done in parallel to the Able Danger study. I have stated all along this was the lynchpin, the source of...(Read Full Post)