The IAEA, the EU, and Russia play ball

The Iran nuclear fiasco has finally reached its first culminating point, and all indications are that the case will be referred to the UN Security Council.  The AP reports today that Iran is planning to block International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections of its nuclear facilities sites if the matter is referred to the UN.  France, Britain and Germany have finally given up after two years of negotiations designed to defuse the confrontation with Israel and the US, but would have allowed Iran the ability to develop a commercial nuclear power generation capability. Virtually unnoticed by the major press is how GW's national security and foreign policy teams have forged new pro—US alliances, at times using the IAEA itself as the agent for change.  Last September, the IAEA Board of Governors issued an ultimatum that unless Tehran opened up all of its nuclear facilities to inspection, the case will be brought before the UN Security Council.  A total of 22...(Read Full Post)