IPSOS Factless

It is increasingly clear that IPSOS, a French polling company with close ties to the French leadership is producing polls for AP designed solely to allow them to run editorials in the guise of news stories. The samplings are widely out of line; the questions off the mark, and the results not surprisingly advance a Democrat point of view obviously shared by AP. But the last two  IPSOS polls seem to have broken even their usual records for untrustworthiness. Big lizards notes the likelihood of fraud: The Associated Press is touting its own AP—Ipsos poll purporting to show a significant majority of Americans opposes the Bush administration on warrantless tapping of al—Qaeda phone calls originated abroad to their terrorist agents in the United States. But as typical these days, there is much less here than meets the eye. The poll in today's story is very similar to the "generic congressional poll" results announced yesterday purporting to show a massive shift in...(Read Full Post)