Secret Hold on Iran

There's no clue yet as to who induced the Dems to put the kibbosh  on the portions of the Senate resolution supporting democracy in Iran. A Senate resolution condemning the president of Iran for anti—Semitic comments he made earlier this month is riling its Republican sponsors on Capitol Hill. They claim Senate Democrats forced them to strip language from the document expressing support for self—determination and a national referendum in the country. Senator Santorum, a Republican of Pennsylvania, drafted the resolution after a December 14 speech in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a "myth" and suggested Israel be relocated to Europe, Canada, or Alaska. In its original form, the statement condemned the remarks, demanded an apology, and supported efforts by "the people of Iran to exercise self—determination" and hold a national referendum with oversight by international observers. When Mr. Santorum moved to introduce the resolution last Friday,...(Read Full Post)