The Rookies

When it comes to pulling congressional stunts, We can see who are champs and who are the runts. Team captains like Reid and those other fool wusses Are like Nagin in N'awlins: they miss their own busses.   By the time they discover that they're in a rout, The game is all over, the team bus has pulled out. So their players are outraged, Pelosi is pissed, The only Marine that they like has been thoroughly dissed.   And while Republican players are smirking and gloating, Second—string Kerry decries Murtha's Swift—boating, A stunt that got John boy kicked out of the game, By proving his play stats were doctored and lame.   It hurts to admit it, but here's the straight skinny: One honest Dem player is Cynthia McKinney, Who true to her heart, which is Red to the core, Voted boldly but badly to cut and run from this war.   While her timorous teammates who trash—talked so loud, When faced with the game play, got lost in the crowd. The Dems' rookie...(Read Full Post)