Sexual frustration awaits martyred jihadists

The prophet Muhammad taught that Muslim men martyred in a holy war will be rewarded with darked—eyed houris (huris) or perpetual virgins (Suras 44:51—56; 52:17—29; 55:46—78). However, "houris" may be a mistranslation of "white raisins." This very brief article — complete with a photo of a Byzantine mural painting showing Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob feeding white raisins to the blessed in heaven — reports that the "white raisin" motif is common in eastern Christianity, which influenced Islam. The — in times of worldwide actions of an Islamic terrorism for obvious reasons — most famous example of a new understanding of Koranic passages in Christoph Luxenberg, Die syro—aramische Lesart des Koran. Ein Beitrag zur Entschlsselung der Koransprache [The Syro—Aramaic Reading of the Koran. A Contribution to Decyphering the Language of the Koran], Berlin 2000 and 2004, concerns the "Huris", those ever—virgin playmates...(Read Full Post)