Joe Wilson's earlier mission to Niger

Not much commented on is the fact that in 1999, according to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Joseph A. Wilson IV made another trip to Niger, a trip also paid for by the CIA and for which he was chosen upon the recommendation of his wife, Valerie Plame. The SSCI gives no explanation for that trip. And I don't claim to know what it is about. One commentator, Macsmind, has his ideas. He suggests it was to what I believe were ongoing sales of Uranium from Niger to other rogue nations including Iraq. Of course detractors note that since France controlled the mines, this would be impossible, but the findings of the Oil for Food Scandal are shedding a differing light on COGEMA.In essence, what you had was a "cake" laundering operation, and the "washing machine" was the cache located at Al Tuwaitha. So long as the amount remained the same, no one would ever know. This is so simple (crooked cops do it with cocaine in the evidence room), etc.Of course...(Read Full Post)