New Delhi Savaged

Our friends and allies in India have been attacked with a vicious terror bombing in a market in the capital city, New Delhi. At least 49 innocent lives have been lost, and countless people injured. No group has taken responsibility for the dastradly act, but it happened just before a major Hindu holiday, so religious motivations are to be suspected. All markets in New Delhi have been closed, preventing familiies from shopping for gifts and holiday supplies. Presumably, this is precisely what the attckers intended. The attack also took place as India and Pakistan have talks underway on nuclear weapons. Pakistan immediately condemned the bombing, which is to its great credit. It is probably that the bombers hoped to disrupt the talks. If so, they have miscalculated. Our hearts go out to the injured and to the many grieving families. We hope that all Americans will let our friends in India know the extent of our outrage, and our deep sympathy and support. We are pretty certain that the...(Read Full Post)