Collins corrects corrections

Gail Collins makes some half hearted feints towards restoring a bit of integrity to the New York Times today, by acknowledging some recent errors, particularly with regard to Paul Krugman's columns.  Today, October 2nd, the Times is still correcting Krugman's original August 19 collection of falsehoods on the Florida election controversy in 2000. Which means they have taken a month and half to get it right. Even by 19th century standards of time, a daily newspaper should not require so long to forthrightly acknowledge obvious error. And as the Times is learning to its chagrin, we live in the instantaneous interactive world of internet journalism. Adapt or die. What is really going on is that Public Editor Byron Calame has put some heat on the Times editorial page writers and op ed columnists, and Collins is grudgingly giving a little ground. But she still has no ability to control her own nasty partisan streak, the same attitude which carries over to Maureen Dowd, Bob Herbert...(Read Full Post)