Progress in Oakland

Oakland, California, normally a leftist—dominated municipality, is taking a major common—sense step. The City Council there just passed an ordinance allowing the city itself to force the eviction of renters who are arrested for drugs, weapons, and certain other offenses which constitute a threat to neighbors. Because landlords are subject to intimidation, especially in owner—occupied buildings, and because absentee landlords may be unwilling to go to the expense of evicting rent—paying tenants who trouble only their neighbors, the law is an important tool to protect the law—abiding majority of renters.   Passage was not completely smooth, however. Five of the eight Council members refused to vote for the measure. Normally, six votes are required for a new measure to become law, yet the City Attorney's office ruled only five votes would suffice in this case. This sounds like an open invitation to a possibly successful court challenge.   A second...(Read Full Post)