Harvard hugs a homophobe

Academia never learns. The more outrageous the 'educator,' the more likely he is to turn up at some place like Harvard. This storied institution has taken it over the top, though, by inviting in an authentic thug from Venezuela to "educate" its students. It's no exaggeration to call him that — what else can anyone call a man who chased another man around at Caracas airport with a smashed booze bottle ripped away from the duty—free, to retaliate against a protestor? It's on film.   Today, he's lecturing students at Harvard .   Who is this thug? Why, one of the mayors of Caracas, a guy named Juan Barreto, known for his loyalty to Marxist—Leninist dictator Hugo Chavez, in addition to his utterly 'third—world' lack of self—control reminiscent of dictatorships in the 1970s, or in any case, someone only V.S. Naipaul could do justice to. He...(Read Full Post)