Retreat Was Not an Option Then and Is Not Now

A 25-minute Tucker Carlson interview with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy about the current conflict in Israel is very disturbing. Carlson raised the issue of national interests in the outcome and America’s decision to intervene beyond offering token sympathies to Israel despite the barbarity of the October 7 attacks. Ramaswamy appeared to concur, although he came across more sincere in his expression of sympathy than Carlson, who seemed to be saying what he thought was necessary given the circumstances.

Carlson and Ramaswamy agreed that moral depravity does not justify U.S. intervention. It is not an unreasonable proposition. Before the Biden administration, I joined many others in believing that America could beat anyone but not everyone. It’s common sense that America does not have infinite resources to cure the world’s ills. Thus, we must choose carefully where we invest our efforts and spend our money.

We fought ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) because we perceived that their medieval barbarism, inspired by fanatical religious ideology, threatened Western civilization as well as the stability of the Middle East. Our slogan was, “If we do not fight them over there, then we will have to fight them here.” Slogan aside, our leaders got it right in that instance.

That same slogan applies to what’s happening in Israel right now. But an even stronger reason to stand with Israel is best expressed in an old retailing axiom: “You break it, you bought it.”

The Barack Obama and Joe Biden administrations, which some call the “Obiden Administrations,” are directly responsible for the current Nazi-like atrocities being committed against Israel. These two leftist administrations financed this terrorism. Even after revelations about war crimes committed against Israeli civilians, the Biden administration is proposing a new package of aid to Gaza! The Biden administration (along with most Americans) knows full well who will be the beneficiary of the $100 million dollars of new humanitarian aid. Secretary of State Blinken has admitted that the administration cannot be sure that the aid/funds will not fall into Hamas’s hands.

Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, spoke with Fox News Business hosts Maria Bartiromo and Larry Kudlow, sharing that Intelligence knew from monitored conversations throughout 2020-2021 that the Iranians had no funds to finance terrorism. Both Ratcliffe and Senator Ted Cruz indicated that as much as $100 billion has flowed to Iran since Joe Biden took office. Ratcliffe further reminded us that, because of Obama’s 2015 Nuclear Accord with Iran, $150 billion was freed for Iran.

Image: Burning the American flag in New York. X screen grab.

Whether or not American Thinker readers or Tucker Carlson voted for Obama or Biden is not the issue.

We are still American citizens liable for our government’s actions worldwide. It then follows that, at a minimum, we need to support the people of Israel both politically and with military armaments, just as President Richard Nixon did in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. Then, Nixon was concerned that the Middle East could become a Soviet sphere of influence.

Today, Americans must ask if we want the Middle East to become a sphere of influence for the Russo-Chinese partnership that embraces Iran. The process is already underway as Saudi Arabia has agreed to sell China oil and negotiate for Chinese currency in payment.

Too many Americans think of history as what happened last week. They do not know that Islamic genocide of non-believers is as old as the religion itself. The Armenian genocide of 1915 saw one-and-a-half million Armenian Christians murdered by the Ottoman Turks, followers of Islam.

During the Obama administration, we learned of fanatical Muslims across North Africa (Boko Haram) and the Middle East carrying out Christian genocide. Few mainstream political figures spoke of it, either lacking courage or humanity. It is still ongoing.

Europe today is awash in Islamic terrorism. Remember the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France? These are just a few of the almost limitless examples of Islamic barbarism. The atrocities committed in the name of “Allah” date back to the time of its founding in the sixth century. No better indication of Islam’s true nature is found than the followers of Muhammad becoming allies with Hitler’s Nazi Germany in World War Two. Raymond Ibrahim has written extensively about Islamic barbarity and its current attempt to destroy the Christian world.

The ongoing Hamas atrocities in Israel should be a warning to the Western world that this could happen here. Why wouldn’t Hamas, with its Jihadist allies in Hezbollah (founded by Iran), come to the United States and do similar horrific butchery of innocent civilians? Hamas’s leaders have declared, “We are ISIS.” We know they are already here. FBI Director Wray has previously warned of this danger created by our porous southern border.

It is difficult to understand how Tucker Carlson and Vivek Ramaswamy can engage in a twenty-five-minute dialogue (some of it thoughtless) on the current situation in Israel without considering any of this historical information, much of it very recent.

We are at a “Gates of Vienna” moment. Then, in 1683, the Christian world, with its back to the wall, repelled the brutal Ottoman Turks’ Islamic invasion. Western Civilization was saved when brave soldiers led by the Christian King of Poland, Jan Sobieski, drove back a far superior number, causing them to quit the battlefield and return home. The alternative to victory would have been atrocities across the European continent, like the ones we saw in Israel on October 7.

Retreat was not an option then and is not now. We are at a civilizational crossroads and must act wisely but boldly. Our adversaries only respect force. You can reason with them afterward when they are afraid. Then, they might listen.

The United States of America is in a de facto state of war with Iran now after its state-sponsored proxy, Hamas, took American hostages (approximately three dozen) and killed others. This is on top of Iran’s thirty-plus direct attacks on US Military personnel now in the Middle East.

It would be great if Tucker could get an interview with Netanyahu. That would be a must-watch!!!

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