The Democrats' Plot to Turn Texas Blue

Maybe you've seen it on FOX: Texas's Governor Abbott (R) declared that an invasion is happening on the southern border and moved to invoke invasion clauses of the U.S. and Texas constitutions to allow him to boost security at the border while clown reporters from lefty newspapers, like the Dallas Observer, disparagingly note that Gov. Abbott continues "invasion" rhetoric as Texas sees an increase in "migrant crossings." 

I was with the U.S. Border Patrol, Del Rio Sector, from the mid-1990s to 2000, when Governor George Bush deployed Texas state troopers and the National Guard to Eagle Pass to repel the drug cartels' attempt to flood Texas with drugs.  Their strategy to remove Border Patrol Agents from the border was effective.  An overwhelming number of "migrants" would be sent across the border en masse to force Border Patrol agents to apprehend and transport the illegal aliens to a U.S. Border Patrol station.  With all of the Eagle Pass station agents being pulled out of the field to process the apprehended illegal aliens, the drug cartels were provided an open border to move drugs and contraband into the United States.  For several days, they flooded the area with drugs.

Governor Bush put state troopers and the National Guard on the border to stop the cartels' incursion into Texas, and equilibrium on the border was restored.  Back in those days, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, U.S. Customs, and the Border Patrol worked with the Mexican Federal Police and were active in attacking the drug cartels from the Mexico side of the border.  Once the drug cartels were defeated, there were sufficient Border Patrol agents to handle the influx of aliens who crossed the border illegally. 

Today, thoroughly corrupt Democrat party leadership facilitate Central and South American drug cartels' goals while non-governmental organizations, funded by the likes of George Soros, bankroll the movement of noncombatants into America for other purposes.  It is a rare reporter who can get the rest of the story on the nightly news of what is happening on the border.

Not only are U.S. immigration laws being ignored, but the U.S. border is being purposely unsecured.  Unlike the border activity in 1995–2000, where the drug cartels moved their drugs virtually unfettered into Texas in a small window of opportunity, today's cartels have no real threat to their operation.  But for some, the most important activity occurring on the border is that the preponderance of illegal crossers are military-age men.  The Democrat party and their friends are facilitating an invasion of potential combatants into Texas.

Is this movement of military-age men into America happening all across the southern border?  You will not get a legitimate answer from any of the news outlets for a number of reasons.  Whenever one gets too close to the truth, the media town criers shout from their network offices: conspiracy theories. 

The French novelist Renaud Camus wrote You Will Not Replace Us.  Wikipedia describes him as a conspiracy theorist, a white nationalist writer, and the inventor of the Great Replacement.  His observations beginning in 1996 suggested that a "global elite" was colluding against the white population of France to replace them with non-European peoples.  If you were to look at France today and the country's changing demographics, Camus is more Nostradamus than Henny Penny.  

The conspiracy theory wasn't a conspiracy at all.  Camus's words were simply leading indicators of the observable universe.  Nearly thirty years later, does anyone truly believe that France is winning the battle with its illegal aliens from North Africa, who have no desire to assimilate?  France's path is clear: if the French wish to survive, their only recourse and salvation is to expel their treasonous liberal leaders from power and deport the invaders.  And France will not do that.  It is lost.

There is a lesson in there.  More illegal immigration will eventually yield the desired socialist outcome.  When that occurs, all that will be necessary is to switch the French Tricolor with the green flag of the Muslim Brotherhood.

When that occurs, if there is still a NATO, will France still be a member?  Doubtful, but this is the nature of power politics and the power of Replacement Theory.

In the United States, Democrats have also embraced the Great Replacement using illegal aliens.  Their goal is to flip a hard red Texas.  However, Governor Abbott bussed a preponderance of military-age illegal aliens out of Texas to Democrat-run hellholes in California that identify as "sanctuary cities."  This is called changing the dynamic.  In the other, now increasingly hard red state of Florida, Governor DeSantis moves military-age illegal aliens out to those wonderful Democrat-run garden spots, like Philadelphia and New York City, that also identify as welcoming-arms and "sanctuary cities." 

Suddenly, New York and California don't like "migrants" in their sanctuary cities.  ¡No más!

It is hard not to recognize how the Democrat Party is using the power of government to displace white Americans, à la Zimbabwe, from government and industry positions.  Led by virulent racists, these men implement or seek to implement policies of race over merit, advocating to remove white men from the Pentagon, remove white men from the cockpits of military jets, and even remove white men from the make-up of military flight school classes.  The failure at Laughlin Air Force Base, where I once worked, was predictable and laughable. 

These are just a sample of the Democrats' new Great Replacement policies for Texas, Florida, the Pentagon. 

The Great Replacement of states and the extermination of white men from the Pentagon will be a battle.  The House voted to strip defense secretary Lloyd Austin of salary, at least for the moment, as the Senate confirmed C.Q. Brown as chairman of the Joint Chiefs.  America loses with these losers.

If a Republican becomes president, there is a reasonable expectation that the Democrats' Great Replacement strategy will be shut down, that there will be a border wall, illegals in the country will be rounded up and deported — you know, like Border Patrol Agents doing their job, and the incompetent racists from DOD, Austin and Brown, will be summarily purged if they do not immediately resign.

Before President Obama, presidents, the chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, and the secretaries of defense used to be focused on improving the combat capability and air superiority of America.  First President Obama, then President Biden found it was much more important to maintain political power at whatever cost.  Under Democrat party leadership, improving America's combat capability and national security has now been replaced with open borders, inviting military-age men to infiltrate America and embark on a program to erase white men from the Pentagon.  Any way you look at that, that is the definition of industrial sabotage of a nation.

No longer do we just have American traitors, like the greatest Soviet spy Moscow ever had in Alger Hiss.  Hiss engaged in industrial espionage to undermine America, and he copied the most sensitive State Department secrets for Joe Stalin's eyes.  Now we have traitors who ignore our laws, open our borders to illegals for no other purpose but to alter the balance of political power of red states, and advocate discriminatory policies to lessen the combat capability of the United States. 

Over a year ago, I advocated that Lloyd Austin needed to be fired.  Likewise C.Q. Brown.  A virulent racist advocating for the destruction of the DOD through an arbitrary and capricious policy of eliminating people who do not look like him, Brown is a national embarrassment and should never have been confirmed.  He should be wearing an orange jumpsuit and flipflops, not the uniform of an Air Force general.

Image: Scazon via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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