The quiet riot against insanity in America is gaining strength

How have we gone from America’s low-inflation, high tax revenue, full employment economy, with an expanding middle class, energy independence and rock solid military to the kowtowing disaster of the last two years?

The only possible conclusion is that this is a long-term and well-planned operation to kneecap America.

Accepting that the most prosperous nation on earth is suddenly falling into poverty, crime and wokeness, and our citizens are happily voting for more, requires a level of insane thinking that is unprecedented, yet we now have…

  • Ballot counting machines that can’t count ballots
  • Judges who refuse to judge
  • Anti-American American presidents
  • Prosecutors who don’t prosecute
  • Peaceful protests labeled as domestic terrorism and domestic terrorists labeled as peaceful protestors
  • Representatives who don’t represent
  • Corporations that don’t seek profit
  • Banks that don’t protect their depositors’ money
  • News reporters who don’t report the news
  • “Environmentalist” energy policies that waste energy and harm the environment
  • Scientists who don’t use the scientific method
  • Teachers who don’t teach, advocating graphic books on sex for children too young to understand sex
  • Psychologists and physicians encouraging dysphoria insanity in vulnerable children – while keeping parents clueless
  • Men playing women’s sports and assaulting girls in their locker rooms
  • Doctors who don’t heal, promoting vaccines that kill
  • Groups demanding reparations from people whose ancestors mistreated their ancestors
  • Free speech that isn’t free

Americans are kind, patient, generous people who want to live our lives, raise our families, do our jobs or run our businesses, pray – or not, and be left alone. Because we believe in fairness and free speech we are willing to tolerate the speech of others – even if we think it’s crazy or offensive. We recognize that we are not perfect and we acknowledge that our country isn’t perfect, especially our past.

Most of us still have a basic understanding of civics and believe that our representative government and our right to vote are the cornerstone of American greatness. When something goes wrong there are laws that all are required to follow and a judicial system that impartially enforces those laws.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, a Conservative or a Liberal, when you vote for a candidate in a primary or general election, you expect your vote to be counted accurately.

When this American contract breaks down we are nothing more than well-entertained slaves. Our leaders are not our representatives, beholden to us, but our masters.

Much of this insane war on the middle class and small business is justified by the “environmental movement.” All Americans want clean air and water. But the Left has coopted this noble cause and perverted into nothing more than a thinly veiled justification for ending American prosperity. They trot out “scientists” who falsify study results to justify their actions – all of which restrict freedom and growth - while actually doing massive harm to the environment they claim to worship.

They cry panic over “global warming” and pollution, but their policies do nothing to cool the earth or reduce pollution. Instead, we see agreements and accords that transfer money from rich countries and codify immense levels of pollution in poorer ones.

We see laws passed to require electric cars to “save our environment” with “clean, renewable energy” that take more energy and toxins to produce and eventually dispose of than will ever be saved.

Worst of all, our world class medical system was twisted to declare a medical emergency, forcing us into solitary confinement and denying our children their education. They gave us a “vaccine” as a cure that did more harm than good. They used blatantly manipulated data to inflate panic about the disease and then deny the side-effects of the vaccine. 

When we speak up against this insanity, we are arrested and imprisoned without basic civil rights or labeled “domestic terrorists” at local school board meetings. And when we go to the ballot box to change our representatives our votes are miscounted, and our new Republican “leadership” suddenly compromises with the Left, while claiming to do “what’s best for America.”

Despite the attempts of the Left to distract, censor and bully us, polls show that the silent majority recognizes the insanity of inner city crime, twisted justice, criminal Presidents, woke corporations, propaganda news, environmental “justice,” sexualizing children and transgenderism. Most of us know someone who died from improper treatment of COVID or the injections purported to prevent it.

And we know about election fraud.

For some reason, Google is suddenly allowing discussion of election fraud and Rasmussen took the occasion to release some amazing previously-censored polling information showing most Americans are wise to election fraud despite three years of unending propaganda.

We are fair, we are patient, but we are not stupid.

  • How can we stop this insanity and get our country back?
  • How can we protest when we’ll be arrested?
  • How can we live safely in an inner city?
  • Where can we put our hard-earned money?
  • Where can we get true news?
  • How do we teach our children?
  • How do we avoid the next “booster” without losing our jobs?
  • And finally, how can we “vote out the bastards” if our votes aren’t counted?

In a recent article, I described multiple ways ordinary Americans can fight back using our eyes, ears, mouths and wallets.

I pointed out good places to watch uncensored news – we’ll have to see how Tucker Carlson does with his new Twitter show. (Is Elon Musk the new beacon of honest reporting while suppressing free speech in other ways? Stay tuned.)

Americans are finally waking up to the insanity and have begun a nation-wide “quiet riot.”

We are boycotting news networks that have betrayed our trust. We are using conservative research sites to choose where to spend our money, reading labels to avoid products made in China and buying from local businesses and growers. We are moving our savings to smaller, regional banks.

Wherever we see woke corporations promoting drag shows, transgender insanity and satanism we quietly boycott them, costing Target, Anheuser Busch, and the LA Dodgers to lose billions of dollars in sales and stock value.

When possible, we quit corporations to avoid the shots and pulled our children from primary schools to teach them at home. Now we are leaving churches that promote LGBT policies.

We are no longer buying GOP “leadership” claims they are “fighting for America” when they allow insane spending and corruption to continue unabated.

We continue to work locally to protest insanity in city councils and school systems. We have dropped social media in favor of the real social media – actually talking with our family, friends and neighbors and sharing books, articles and videos that are getting wider and wider attention.

Perhaps most important is the need to support all efforts to end election fraud and clean up voter rolls. Encourage your state to drop the insanely corrupt ERIC system.

How about when we finally get our votes back we pass H.R.1, the “Lie Detector for Government Service Act,” that requires government employees at ALL LEVELS to declare they are working in the best interests of the American people and not for their personal profit?

Graphic credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images Pixbay license

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