The 2024 Reality TV Show to Blow Up Leftist Election Fraud

We have written about how the data for the six swing states show enough sovereign voter fraud (the election commission is in on it) and phantoms to overcome any likely Trump vote majority.

Accumulating events indicate that leftists may be helping Trump blow through their fraud firewall.

In each swing state, there are from 200,000 to 400,000 phantom voters or addresses or both locked into the voter rolls. 

Three years of volunteer election integrity work has done little to reduce these numbers.  While phantoms were found by the tens of thousands, few were removed.  Little has been done to thwart county or state officials augmenting voter roll data to help leftist candidates.

Trump is currently unlikely to win any swing state by enough votes to overcome the fake ballot stash each state's leftists and RINOs prepared against him.

History is replete with movements appearing from seemingly nowhere altering the political trajectory of countries, even empires.  Some are better than others, but each shares the characteristic of a compelling, charismatic leader crystallizing long-simmering grievances, propelling action from not just activists, but the mild middle.

Favor Trump or not, Trump created such a movement — MAGA, an emerging coalition likely to be the deciding entity for Republican candidates for years to come.

It is the "years to come" that has many concerned.

The inherent contradiction of the Trump candidacy is serving only one term.  The good news is that he is beholden to nobody, has one last shot, is pretty miffed about how he was treated, and is the guy who will take care of business — likely brutally.

The downside: After Trump, America is back to the same insidious swamp creatures who will undo everything Trump cleaned up. 

Few in the MAGA movement believe that Cruz, Cotton, Rubio, or others could get elected.  If they were, each would abstain from swamp-cleaning — as the gravitational pull of the swamp will suck them in. 

Trump is a one-term wonder, likely stymied by the bureaucracy and courts.  Trump's fundamental changes could soon disappear.

Or perhaps not.

Americans watch screens all day — computer screens, phones, even screens with commercials while they're pumping gas.  Candidates who magnify their message via a screen are fundamentally different from those in a dusty governor's office or Senate chamber talking endlessly about...who cares?

Like Trump or not, he commands the entire media complex. 

No person in history, certainly no candidate, ever dominated the media like Donald Trump.  Positive or negative, Trump owns the screen, and nobody can change that.

He is not alone.

Kari Lake and Tucker Carlson share the same qualities — call it talent — in a different sphere.

Carlson and Lake have a gift that cannot be taught, cannot be imparted by coaching — an ability to control message and create enthusiasm, driving a change of mind — unequaled by peers.

Their unique ability to control the screen, and thus the narrative, like Trump, made them the targets they are. 

Carlson is on his way to disrupting the entire cable news industry — one guy — with some buds, in Maine, generating more views on Twitter than the entire cable industry does in the same time period — times 10.  For free!

Kari Lake not only won the Arizona governor election; she likely won it by 5–7 points. 

Lake was so disruptive a personality that the Arizona elected bureaucracy used multiple layers of fraud to thwart her.  We saw it in the real-time data analysis of the county voter rolls.

 The negligible support Lake receives from the Republican establishment further cements not that Lake is a loser — she isn't — but that she is a continuing threat.

Events indicate that America may be entering a post-politician age, where spectacularly talented communicators — Trump from The Apprentice; Kari Lake, newscaster gone national exciter; Tucker Carlson disrupting the cable infrastructure — can overcome leftist media, corporate, education, and cultural dominance.

Perhaps having a leader you can trust not to sell you out becomes more important than experience.

Experience is what Joe Biden has — a senator before 45% of the U.S. population was born.

Biden is experience writ large — into dementia — on television every week.

Institutional election fraud has limitations. 

Those limitations are quantifiable — we know about how many built-in phantom votes and addresses exist in each swing state.  We can pretty much quantify, via the Undeliverable Ballot Database, every location, in any county in America — where a ballot will be sent in 2024 — and not have an intended, legitimate recipient.

Institutional election fraud was built for 2008-era elections — and technology. 

Election rolls hide the county registrar's interference — like changing addresses (Arizona) or adding a fake street (Florida) because nobody has real-time visibility vis-à-vis those rolls. 

Now we do.

Republicans, or other insurgents like RFK Jr., can be made to lose by less than 1% pretty much any time election commissions choose to play a few cards.

The system is stymied, however, once a candidate wins by 5% or more.  Above 5%, stuff becomes visible, thus icky.

The Kari Lake election went there: signatures that did not come close to matching unless the signatory was on hallucinating drugs.  Printers gone wild with fake instructions not to work on the correct ballot size.  Plus all the data mods our team found.

That may happen at a state level, once.  It's challenging, now that Lake made it painfully visible — to do it again, particularly in 2024.

If the insurgent wins big, election fraud infrastructure breaks down.

One must shut down the election apparatus around 11:00 P.M. because the trend lines show not enough ballots to overcome the growing margins.  There needs to be a white truck delivering more ballots while teams erect cardboard along the windows so nobody can see what is happening.  Sound familiar?

In 2024, hundreds, perhaps thousands of citizens will be looking for white trucks in the middle of the Detroit night.

What takes Trump beyond the fraud frost line in the swing states?

It might be Kari Lake and Tucker Carlson.

Trump is a great communicator, with an edge, sharp elbows, which his supporters love.  Lake is equally gifted, without the edges.  She can do an impromptu heart transplant on a leftist reporter without drawing blood. 

Kari Lake does not have to be a governor or senator.  She is already bigger than either.  Lake is a national figure, like it or not, RINOs, and she ain't going back into the bottle. 

If Trump were to pick her as V.P., the election fraud barriers may be breached. 

We don't forecast political stuff, but we do see what enthusiasm does to the numbers.  Lake is enthusiasm incarnate, but to a different constituency.

Everyone knows what Trump is going to say.  The MAGA world just loves hearing him say it.

Kari Lake, on the other hand, makes news, sound bites, changing minds — particularly with the XY chromosome crowd.  She takes Trump where he could not go without her.

Sure, a Tim Scott may check that unspeakable box where "Trump the racist" is situated — but nobody, literally nobody will change his view of Trump because of Tim Scott.  Trump will remain a racist with a black guy for V.P.

Kari Lake, however, extends the Trump equation to 12 years.  Lake convincingly tells a new story about an old problem: the swamp and what it did to her — and to Arizona voters.

Lake makes the 2024 election endlessly entertaining — as does Trump — thus watchable.  Trump and Lake force the world to cover them — because they are the hottest thing on every screen.

Tucker Carlson, let loose on Twitter, fending off Fox lawyers — and we have an ongoing, made-for-phone-screen reality TV drama — on screens 24/7.

That might be just the reality TV show that blows up leftist election fraud infrastructure.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the TSA No-Fly List.  His team built the Undeliverable Ballot Database, identifying where every ballot will go in 2024 and NOT find its legitimate recipient.  Jay is at and @AmericaOme17300.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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