Trump surges in CBS poll

One can just hear the Laurel and Hardy–style phone conversations among Democrats, such as former President Obama and Joe Biden: another fine mess you've got us into. 

With their latest effort to take down President Trump with an indictment, they bought themselves this can of whoop-ass:

A poll indicates that former President Donald Trump has widened his lead in the GOP primary following the Department of Justice's indictment of him for allegedly mishandling classified documents at his Florida home.

Surveying 1,798 potential voters between June 9-10 with a margin of error ±3.3 points, the CBS News poll showed the former president had 61 percent support in the Republican primary, leading his opponent, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by a full 38 points — 61 percent to 23 percent. Republican Sen. Tim Scott (SC) stands in third place with just 4 percent of support, just one point ahead of former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

That's an obvious response to a hypocritically applied use of the law against Trump, charging him with things no former U.S. president has ever been charged with, complete with a threat to throw him in the slammer for the next 400 years, just as he prepares to run for president again.

That's the banana republickization of U.S. politics.  The logic of this polling surge suggests that if we don't fix this by electing Trump, the gate's open for every former U.S. president to get ready to flee the country after his term is up, and for some, simply not to leave office in order to avoid the legal harassment to follow.  We've seen this repeatedly happen in Latin America, and here we are.

Citing CBS's poll, Breitbart highlighted the following:

Republican primary voters say they're far more concerned that Donald Trump's indictment is politically motivated than his alleged conduct being a national security risk — and there's no evidence it's hurt his status as the clear front-runner for the 2024 nomination, at least not yet. He remains well ahead of rivals in both consideration and vote choice.

In fact, most Republican primary voters would not generally consider him keeping the alleged documents with nuclear systems or military plans to be a national security risk, in and of itself.

Most explicitly ruled out the charges announced in the indictment changing their views about Mr. Trump. Rather than being disqualifying in their eyes, even if he's ultimately convicted of a crime in the matter, they overwhelmingly feel he should still be able to serve as president again.

CBS, by the way, is far from a conservative pollster, so one can only imagine what the real poll numbers look like.

They're not knocking Trump out — they're actually beefing up his army of voters.

Smart move, bozos.

TIPP Insights, which is run by the respected — and accurate — polling firm TIPP, argued a couple of days ago that this was exactly what these Democrats were going to get in a piece titled "Six Strong Reasons Trump Will Come Out Ahead After All."

Here are six reasons why we think that Trump could come out ahead and deliver a fatal blow to the very Deep State that has taken extraordinary measures to hurt him, all under the vague standard of equal justice for everyone.

They cited seven reasons, actually.  First, the Presidential Records Act was missing from the indictment.  Second, the Espionage Act was grossly misused.  Third, there's been the fraudulent use of the "no person is above the law" standard, given that the Deep State has been trying to Get Trump for years while ignoring the comparable or worse breaches by the Obamas and Clintons.  Fourth, Trump has become a martyr.  Fifth, Biden has proven himself "above the law."  Sixth, Jack Smith's record at the Supreme Court is weak.  Seventh, the Supreme Court will likely rule in President Trump's favor.  The details on each are satisfying reading and well worth the click.

That's because forecasts like that are the result of their research and polling sense — and they obviously portend bad news for Democrats in this gambit.

There has been some talk bruited around about Democrats wanting it this way — to make Trump the nominee so that Joe Biden and friends can mop the floor with him in the general election.

That kind of thinking is too clever by half, not just because these two-steps never work, but because such thinking doesn't recognize what's fueling the surge — which is the deranged behavior of Democrats, still maddened by President Trump's 2016 election.

I had been leaning toward Ron DeSantis in this upcoming election, but I feel as a voter that this problem of selective prosecution and third world–style jailing of opponents has to be taken care of first or there won't be any Ron DeSantis presidencies in the future.  We can all have Ron in 2028.  But unless these political prosecutions are halted right now with the re-election of President Trump, who will wring this garbage out of the system, we won't have a country to elect him to.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Bidenites are surprised at the negative reaction their acts are triggering among the voters and may move to distance themselves from their own Frankenstein's monster.

They see it, and everybody sees it: they've shot themselves in the foot.  They've own-goaled.  We hope they're proud of themselves.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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