Black Lives Matter Self-Identifies as Black Nationalist

BLM has self-identified as a Black nationalist entity, which underscores the need for the Republican Party to focus on the ties between this entity and the Democrats.

I have reported previously how the Black Lives Matter Global Network has glorified foreign and domestic terrorists, cop killers, and Fidel Castro, and has taken actions both the Anti-Defamation League and International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance define as anti-Semitic: denial of the right of Israel to exist. The organization has also encouraged looting and other forms of civil unrest.

The following statement is not from a right-wing news source; it is straight from BLM's official web page. This relates to the group's controversial decision to spend millions of dollars on property for the use of its leaders.

"Second, this property has served as a safe haven to protect the leaders of our Black nationalist movement. Our leaders and their families, including their children, have been targeted by white supremacists. They have been threatened with physical harm. We have a responsibility to protect them, and this property has supported those efforts." [emphasis added]

There is no place in our society for physical threats against other people and their property, whether from white supremacists against BLM or BLM against law-abiding citizens and their property. The central issue here is that BLM has openly self-identified as Black nationalist, and we need to look at exactly what that means.

What is Black Nationalism?

  • According to Wikipedia (supported by references in both cases), "Black nationalism is a type of racial nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that black people are a race, and seeks to develop and maintain a black racial and national identity.." Wikipedia adds, "White nationalism is a type of racial nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that white people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a white racial and national identity." This comes across as the same kind of trash from two different dumpsters, and I am using the family-friendly version of what I am really thinking. There is only one nation between Canada and Mexico, its citizens come in all colors, and there is no place here for a white nation, a Black nation, a nation of Islam, or anything other than an American nation.
  • Black nationalists don't like Jews very much. According to Eunice Pollack [emphasis is mine],

"…racialized forms of antisemitism and anti-Zionism took shape, spread, and intensified among Blacks in the US from the era of Malcolm X through the current Black Lives Matter movement. … one concluded in a Black students’ magazine that 'Caucasian Jews' continue to 'defile and trash and defecate on the rest of the world,' and warned that 'Caucasian Jews . . . should not expect anyone to respect or protect their humanity or even shed a tear when something catastrophic happens to them.'"

This sounds a lot like the dehumanizing and even violent rhetoric that came out of the Nazi Party in the 1930s, and a lot of Black criminals are acting on this in mostly Democrat-run cities.

"Behrman said he believes the assaults are part of a disturbing game by some African-American teens. 'And they're playing a game: 'knockout.' 'Knock out the Jew,' maybe. And they're going around the neighborhood punching Jews,' Behrman said."

This is not to say that white criminals don't also commit anti-Semitic violence; alleged synagogue shooter Robert Bowers is a Caucasian. Most anti-Semitic hate speech comes, however, from the extreme political Left in the United States including diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) "professionals" and women's and gender studies departments.

Eunice Pollack's "Black Antisemitism in America: Past and Present" goes a lot further into the veritable sewer of Jew-hatred that comes from Black nationalists, including Black Lives Matter and Louis Farrakhan. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that Black nationalism and Black Lives Matter are no better than the Tsarist authors of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. They have also, of course, directed vicious hate speech at Caucasians in general, including depiction of white people as "potential humans," and they don't think much of law enforcement professionals of any race. "What does Black Lives Matter call a Black police officer? The N word." That's not an exaggeration because this word is clearly audible in a video of a BLM riot in Detroit, and the rioters are throwing objects at the officers of all races. See "Protests in Detroit" at roughly the minus 24:00 mark for the N word. Warning; the F word also figures prominently in this display.  

Who Supports Black Lives Matter?

We cannot repeat enough that the following people and organizations support BLM, which supports in turn cop killers (Joanne Chesimard and allegedly Charles Hill), Jew killers (Rasmea Odeh), vandals, rioters, looters, and Fidel Castro who murdered countless Cubans. We need to keep reminding people until they repudiate their support for BLM and, in the case of Hardin-Simmons University and Cornell's Law School, apologize respectively to the student HSU forced to leave when she criticized BLM and the Cornell Law professor whom the Dean attacked on an official Cornell web page. Until that happens, students should be discouraged from applying to either institution not only for their unfair treatment of the people in question but also for their alignment with an anti-Semitic and racist hate organization.

  • Joe Biden's team met with BLM's leaders in 2021, when this behavior by BLM was well known. Even though BLM was not happy with the outcome, Biden's representatives should not have associated with them.
  • Kamala Harris praised the "brilliance" of Black Lives Matter.
  • Cornell's expensive Law School, as represented by then-Dean Eduardo Peñalver, went on record as supporting BLM under color of "racial justice." State University of New York Buffalo's Law School in-state tuition is roughly a third of Cornell's and you'll probably learn more law, rather than leftist ideology, there as well.
  • Hardin-Simmons University, as represented by President Eric Bruntmyer.
  • Solid Blue New York City renamed a street for Black Lives Matter, thus putting the mayor’s office solidly behind anti-Semitism and hatred of police.
  • The Daily Signal lists major corporations, including Microsoft, that donated money to BLM but adds, "Microsoft Corp. announced June 5 that it would donate $250,000 to the 'Black Lives Matter Foundation,' but the computer and technology giant linked to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation." Robert Ray Barnes' BLM Foundation has absolutely nothing to do with the Black nationalist BLM Global Network Foundation, but the latter's web page identified itself as the "BLM Foundation Inc." which may have diverted donations from Barnes' small organization to Patrisse Cullors' entity. The reader can form his or her own conclusions as to BLM Global Networks' ethics in this regard. In any event, all these companies should be called upon to repudiate their support of BLM Global Network.

The Democrat Party's connections to BLM Global Network meanwhile need to take front and center stage for the 2024 national elections.

Civis Americanus is the pen name of a contributor who remembers the lessons of history, and wants to ensure that our country never needs to learn those lessons again the hard way. He or she is remaining anonymous due to the likely prospect of being subjected to "cancel culture" for exposing the Big Lie behind Black Lives Matter.

Photo credit: YouTube screengrab

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