Forgiving the Medically Brainwashed in the Post-COVID Era

Medical tyranny starts with medical brainwashing. Millions of Americans and individuals around the globe have been misled into believing that a series of vaccines -- which did not go through the typical five to ten years of standard testing -- are “safe and effective,” the very same way that they were misled into believing that “abortion is health care.”

Anyone who trusts their leaders, the mainstream media, and the majority of doctors believe these lies. It is unfathomable to them that medical professionals or elected officials would mislead them on such a mass scale.

But they have. While I refused the vaccine because I crunched the numbers myself during the pandemic, interviewed various doctors and nurses, and reviewed countless studies without having them interpreted for me, I was once this naive.

I am not vaccine hesitant due to selfishness, stubbornness, or paranoia. I am against mass medical experimentation without consent and this stems from my horrific abortion experience.

The summer before my senior year of high school I got pregnant. I was not raped, I was not sick; the baby was not known to be suffering. I was just young.

I wanted my baby. I talked to the little one. Rubbed my belly and dreamed of being a mother, but the father didn’t want the baby. He was a few years older and more concerned about what his parents would think.

Mine was the first generation that was raised to believe that “abortion is healthcare.” My health class wasn’t focused on overall health. It was a sexual education and only that. Although abstinence did come up, it was barely touched on. We learned about contraceptives, date rape, and abortion in great detail.

I was living with my unstable father after surviving an abusive relationship and attempting to kill myself. Like my ex-boyfriend, my father lacked self-control. He enjoyed binge drinking and had a temper.

There was no way I would discuss the situation with him. All of my friends agreed with my boyfriend. They told me that abortion was my only option. They made me ask myself, “How will I graduate?” “How will I support a baby?”

My sister listened to me and offered more of a shoulder to cry on, but even she supported the idea of abortion as I considered killing the little life that grew in me.

Planned Parenthood ads were everywhere. The more I discussed it, the more the young women in my life confessed their abortion stories. They even expressed how sad and painful it would be mentally, physically, spiritually, but they did so as if that was nothing compared to struggling as a teenage mother.

I went to my mother, and she questioned me, but she supported the idea and even drove me to the clinic. I cannot express the depression I went through. I’ll never forget the moment that life ended.

I could feel my eight-week unborn baby detach. There is nothing more terrifying, no pain so great as the emptiness that filled me.

And that pain never goes away. It has stayed with me for 20 years now. I will always think of my first baby. I will always wonder and beg for forgiveness because I chose to do something I knew was wrong.

Yes I was coerced, but I did it. I could hate myself and punish myself forever, but that will not change anything. I am one of many women who experience abortion regret, and lately I am finding similarities between myself and those who are experiencing vaccine regret.

Although they are very different medical scenarios, part of the reason I questioned the pandemic from the start was because I lost faith in the medical industry after my abortion. I have been raised to question everything and never put all my trust into large governing bodies, but that experience truly gave me a different perspective.

Throughout the past three years, those of us who refused to submit to medical tyranny have been bullied, vilified, and even had our rights taken away for simply choosing not to inject our bodies with experimental substances. It is easy to be angry with our friends and family members who allowed this, but they are not where the true fault lies.

The brothers and sisters who thought there was a true plague, the mothers and fathers or grown-up children who nagged their loved ones into taking the shot, were misled. Most everyone I know who took it did so in order to visit loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes because it was required. They were manipulated by the medical industry and those who pushed through unconstitutional policies are the ones who need to be tried and charged for violating the Nuremberg Code

The everyday individuals who believed what they were told did so because they had no reason to think that anyone would experiment with their health and wellness. They were scared, and though they do need to accept some responsibility and support everyone who stood strong in the face of adversity, if they are truly understanding and apologetic, they are worthy of forgiveness.

People like my mother, who took the shot in order to visit her elderly sister-in-law at her nursing home, are now suffering. She developed a strain of cancer that may be linked to the shot.

A colleague of mine, who only got the shot to see her father in the hospital after he was rushed to the E.R. for a lifesaving non-COVID related surgery, developed myocarditis shortly after receiving the injection. 

My mother-in-law was a nurse who retired in fear of the pandemic. She not only got the shot and at least one booster, but she advocated for it and now has pericarditis.

These are just a few of the many cases affecting my loved ones alone. The long-term side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccine are still not entirely known. It is a terrifying prospect, much like the struggles I carry knowing that I could have found a better way to care for my baby instead of having an abortion.

We were lied to. Coerced. And nothing can change what we did.

I cannot resent the people who watched the news and were constantly brainwashed every day, because like them, I allowed medical coercion to ultimately sway my decision. Politicians, celebrities, and the mainstream media have normalized abortion as if it’s nothing, the same way they are trying to normalize sudden death and cardiac arrest in young people.

Taxpayer funding has gone into offering “free” testing, low-cost or “free” COVID-19 vaccinations, and the Biden Administration (once again) extended the COVID-19 pandemic emergency this month even though people are waking up to the truth. Just as taxpayer-funded abortion has been marketed as “birth control” and “necessary,” the COVID-19 shots are likely not as “safe and effective” as claimed.

Those of us who regret their medical decisions of the past are no different than those who are now realizing they were lied to during the COVID era. We can help each other through our struggles by offering forgiveness as we seek legal consequences for those who abused their power to instill medical tyranny.

Jessica is a homeschooling mother of four, Writer for Right Side Broadcasting network, and author of Homeschooling on a Budget. Her work has been featured by, The Foundation for Economic Education, Evie Magazine, The Epoch Times, The Federalist, and many more.

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