Grandpa Gates's Fraudulent CO2 Fetish

Billionaire globalist Bill Gates issued a typically alarmist message about global warming this week, with a twist: he invoked his newly expected future grandchild as his altruistic planet-saving motive. 

But this exploitation of his own progeny only further reveals Gates’ eco-opportunism and invocation of the CO2 mantra to further his corporate empire and profiteering. 

Bill Gates is more focused on accumulation of personal wealth than atmospheric accumulation of CO2.

Noteworthy is Bill’s repeated exploitation of small farms and agriculture. 

He claims “getting to zero” (net emissions) requires humanity to “revolutionize the entire physical economy,” including “how we… grow food.”  His insincere appeal on behalf of Gatesian “Farm Aid” is longstanding:

Gates got started in working on climate change when he learned about the struggles of small farmers in countries where his namesake philanthropic organization was doing work.

"It starts from the idea that the poorest are suffering the most from climate change, but businesses don't have a natural incentive to make tools that help them," Gates writes.

"A seed company can earn profits from, say, a new type of tomato that's a nicer shade of red and doesn't bruise easily, but it has no incentive to make better strains of cassava that (a) survive floods and droughts and (b) are cheap enough for the world's low-income farmers," Gates writes.

These crocodile tears for the small farms he destroyed are unpersuasive to Vandana Shiva and Dr, Joseph Mercola, who proclaim Gates’ empires must be dismantled:

We’re currently facing enormously powerful technocrats who are hell-bent on ushering in the Great Reset…. Gates’ brand of philanthropy, so far, has helped few and harmed many….

Gates’ faux altruism also ignores his personal investments in farmland and synthetic meat technologies, and the corporate hegemony of chemical-dependent industrial farming systems that are the greatest reversible contributor to both chemical pollution and CO2 generation.  Grandpa Bill proposes to rescue his grandchild’s future by oligopolizing these forces, with himself as King Oligopolist.  The true answer to these problems is increasing local production and individual responsibility, but Gates grounds humanity’s survival on government domination of the soil and ground:

Gates says decarbonizing global industry is too large a problem even for his deep pockets. "Philanthropy alone can't eliminate greenhouse gases. Only markets and governments can achieve that kind of pace and scale," Gates said.

Plus, if companies working to address climate change can be self-sustaining, that will encourage other investors to put money into them.

"Companies need to be profitable so they can grow, keep running, and prove that there's a market for their products," Gates writes.

The obscene subtext is that “corporate sustainability” is the necessary path to environmental and human survival.  Big Brother Bill (now Grandpa Billy) posits that he mustn’t sacrifice his lifelong wealth accumulation to save the grandkiddies and planet, but must instead earn a hefty return and control a global empire as true sacrifice – only the Big and Bold profit-makers can rescue the small farmers they have decimated with chemical-dependent crops and glyphosate-saturated foodstuffs.

Russell Brand cuts through the Newspeak in a recent video questioning America’s expensive new B-21 bomber: “Are you noticing that the solutions to the problems we have are always profitable for the world’s most powerful corporations?” (at 5:47).  But Bill emotionally claims his world-saving investments that will exponentially magnify his family’s power and fortunes are not profit-driven but salvific:

"I started looking at the world through a new lens recently — when my older daughter gave me the incredible news that I'll become a grandfather next year,"...."Simply typing that phrase, 'I'll become a grandfather next year,' makes me emotional," wrote the 67-year-old billionaire philanthropist, who earned his fortune from co-founding Microsoft in the 1970s. "And the thought gives a new dimension to my work. When I think about the world my grandchild will be born into, I'm more inspired than ever to help everyone's children and grandchildren have a chance to survive and thrive.”

Brand’s scrutiny of defense spending invites a tangential question for Bill Gates – what about the CO2 being generated by the war in Ukraine, and why does that not register on the global CO2 radar?  In a bizarre pseudo-analysis of “the climate cost of the war in Ukraine,” NPR leveraged the conflict to endorse more electric cars, American exports of fuels, and reduced energy production:

The war in Ukraine has made getting more fossil fuels to Europe a top priority of the Biden Administration, in order to wean European Union members off Russian energy.

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) calls for an immediate switch to renewable energy,....

"I think it is more likely than not that we'll look back on this crisis as actually accelerating a clean energy transition," said Jason Bordoff, founding director of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University….

Experts told NPR the climate cost of the war is still up in the air, and depends on how governments balance an immediate need for fossil fuels against long-term shifts in energy production.

Incredibly, the war is here touted as a good thing for a clean energy transition.  What exactly would be the environmental cost in CO2, chemical sludge, water pollution and soil erosion if there were an “immediate switch” to manufacturing enough solar panels and EV Cars for the planet, if not complete Armageddon?  That abrupt technological conversion would create even more ecological damage than the Ukraine War!

The “climate costs” of the Ukraine crisis are more than just “up in the air” – in addition to the massive releases of CO2 occasioned by bombings, fires, and sabotaged underwater natural gas pipelines, the CO2 costs of rebuilding the country after hostilities cease is astronomical and a clear threat to Agenda 2030 CO2 emission targets:

Rebuilding a bombed-out city or country requires huge quantities of materials, and each has an environmental cost….

Producing the weapons of destruction, from ammunition and rifles to tanks and planes, also delivers a huge carbon burden to the environment, with destruction the clear intent of their use.

The “watch-the-birdie” distraction of CO2 ignores the chemical pollution engendered by GMO-crop dependency on corporate-controlled synthetic fertilizers and glyphosate, even as it avoids the corporate-dominated expansion of military production and conflict-impacts in the Ukraine War.  It ignores the CO2 and chemical inputs to fabricate Gates-patented vat-meat, and the huge energy costs of global shipping of highly-processed and unhealthy foods.  It ignores the looming threat of nuclear Holocaust.

If Grandpa Gates were half attentive to his nascent grandchild’s future, he would not be so resoundingly tone deaf on these very real threats to the planet.  His CO2 fetish belies his true motives, shielding the pervasive conflicts of interest he blithely sweeps aside in his pursuit of totalitarian corporate sustainability…. A human shield, nurturing dynastic profits.

Image: Pexels // CC0 public domain

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