They’re Turning Our Kids into Orwell’s Dogs

It’s straight out of Animal Farm, Orwell’s famous allegory about communism. Democrats, aka the American neo-communists, are working overtime to transform our kids into Orwell’s dogs.

Briefly, in Animal Farm, Napoleon was the farm animals’ leader. (He represents Stalin.) Early in the story, a dog gave birth to nine puppies. Napoleon took the puppies from their mother to raise them himself. (He probably promised “free early childcare!”)

Napoleon’s main rival was another pig named Snowball. (He represents Trotsky.) Although Napoleon and Snowball had once been partners, tensions soon rose between them. Eventually, during a key moment of disagreement between Napoleon and Snowball, “nine enormous dogs wearing brass-studded collars” suddenly appear and attack Snowball, who barely escapes with his life. The other animals, terrified, notice that the ferocious dogs, who are obviously the puppies Napoleon raised, respond positively only to Napoleon.

With the other animals suitably cowed and Snowball in exile, Napoleon starts issuing orders. He is entirely in charge, and he is changing the status quo so that it benefits 0nly him.

Image from Wikipedia: Front row (left to right): “RykovSkrypnyk, and Stalin – 'When Snowball comes to the crucial points in his speeches he is drowned out by the sheep (Ch. V), just as in the party Congress in 1927 [above], at Stalin's instigation 'pleas for the opposition were drowned in the continual, hysterically intolerant uproar from the floor'. (Isaac Deutscher)”

In the scene in which Napoleon issues his edicts, Orwell paints an allegorical picture of the way in which, thanks to a loyal praetorian guard (i.e., the dogs), people will fall silent through fear and the world's sheep will always back the tyrant:

In spite of the shock that Snowball’s expulsion had given them, the animals were dismayed by this announcement. Several of them would have protested if they could have found the right arguments. Even Boxer was vaguely troubled. He set his ears back, shook his forelock several times, and tried hard to marshal his thoughts; but in the end he could not think of anything to say. Some of the pigs themselves, however, were more articulate. Four young porkers in the front row uttered shrill squeals of disapproval, and all four of them sprang to their feet and began speaking at once. But suddenly the dogs sitting round Napoleon let out deep, menacing growls, and the pigs fell silent and sat down again. Then the sheep broke out into a tremendous bleating of “Four legs good, two legs bad!” which went on for nearly a quarter of an hour and put an end to any chance of discussion.

America’s youth are being transformed before our eyes into Orwell’s dogs.

Parents are slowly waking up to this bitter reality. They’re sending kids off to school or college, bright-eyed and full of promise, and those kids are coming home angry, unskilled, resentful, dysfunctional activists. As Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Physical wars are unnecessary if you can conquer a country from within. Communists realized they wouldn’t have to conquer America militarily if they could just transform Americans into communists.

And we’re enabling those communists. Ordinary Americans raise our kids to be thoughtful, respectful, and polite. They raise theirs to be vicious culture warriors. We raise ours to play by the rules and work hard to earn a good life. They raise theirs to change the rules to award them with whatever they feel entitled to. We’re raising ours to be sheep, they’re raising theirs to be wolves. If this continues, their meetings on the battlefield of the culture war won’t be pretty.

Enter the propaganda effort. Neo-communists have transformed movies, television, sports, music, education, and more into tools of political indoctrination. Embedded political messaging grooms unsuspecting audiences to become reflexive, anti-American environmental fanatics. The kid innocently tapping away on a phone or tablet is being shaped by it. Parents use devices as babysitters and later wonder why their once-sane child has suddenly transformed into a bitter, ranting cultist.

The irony is that American parents are still funding—sometimes with their life savings—political operatives posing as educators who are grooming children to hate their parents and everything they stand for.

Too many Americans still don’t seem to understand that the game has changed dramatically. The game used to be, “To succeed in life, you need college.” Schools and universities have now been transformed into political indoctrination camps, yet we’re still behaving as if the old rules still apply.

The education system itself, meanwhile, is living large. Educrats ride the Ponzi-gravy train with the easiest sales pitch of all time: “If you want a good life, you have to go through me.” They’re the troll on the bridge charging fees for anyone who wants to cross. It’s the simplest racket in the world.

Conservatives are optimistic about the November election. Fair enough. But unless we fix this system, any political victories will be temporary. New generations will replace the old, and soon there will be more vicious attack dogs than citizens capable of standing up to them. While many conservatives barely think one election ahead, American neo-communists plan decades in advance. Far too many on our side aren’t fighting this battle. Many aren’t even aware that there is a battle.

Unless this changes, our country will end. Like the last of the Mohicans or the last of the samurai, there could soon be the last of the Americans.

Auron Macintyre said it well:

In the United States and the wider Western world, history and culture are being erased. Statues are torn down, buildings and military bases are renamed, holidays are replaced. Children are taught to hate the story of the home nation, to hate their heritage, to hate the color of their own skin. This is conquest; the people trying to erase your history and transform your culture are attempting to conquer you. The weapons of a soft ideological conquest may look different but make no mistake, the battle for your civilization is happening all around you.

Unless more parents and politicians wake up to what’s happening and take measures to stop it, their kids will continue being transformed into hounds of Orwell.

Steve Rose is a pseudonym.

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