Do leftists really expect us to vote to destroy the country?

Do leftists really expect us to vote to destroy the country?

Do Biden and his Bolsheviks expect a commie tsunami after they've tacitly admitted that they want to destroy the country?

Anti-liberty leftists are masters at propaganda.  For the last few weeks, they've been busy in their Ministry of Truth pushing the same old August-September psy-op polls.  They are working like madmen to divert our attention from the sheer disaster that is the Biden regime.

Never mind that the whole "choice" question is being returned to the states and the people.  Anti-liberty leftists want you to forget about that in a flurry of Orwellian double-talk because that's all they have to cling to power.  They're using any excuse to bring it up because all they have are perverse comparisons with freedom.

They don't care if our society is being destroyed as long as they can kill a child 5 seconds from birth.  We're not sure why that's a priority for them when the world is coming apart.

It's evident the "Democrats" are the party of projection.  "President" Biden tweeted that "[i]n this moment, those who love this country — Democrats, Independents and mainstream Republicans — must be stronger, more determined, and more committed to saving America than MAGA Republicans are committed to destroying America."

Let's take that apart and look at it closely.

Can you recall a time in the past few years when ruling-class Democrats have been "committed to saving America"?

It's been just the opposite: they have been doing all they can to destroy the country.

After all the anti-liberty left has done over the past year and a half, is there any doubt that was the left's intention all along?

It all started with Biden canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and reducing U.S. arms, always a nice gift to our enemies.  Then the CDC worked with the teachers' unions to keep the schools closed because of the COVID emergency, the gift from Wuhan that keeps on giving.  

Who can forget that they went all authoritarian with vaccine mandates and passports?  "Ihre Papiere, bitte!"  Show me your papers.  And so they cruelly forced people to be fired in the middle of the horrible economy they created with their vote-buying.

We also kept hearing more about Hunter Biden's exploits.  We know now that the FBI pressured Facebook to suppress that story.  But it's no big deal; the FBI says it "routinely notifies" social media companies of potential threats following the Zuckerberg-Rogan podcast.  Polling shows that the laptop could have swayed the election, so nothing to see here, move on!

Do you remember how the Brandon bunch is conspiring with the socialist social media giants to protect us of the great unwashed from "dangerous" ideas like freedom, individual civil rights, and firearms?  Heaven forbid we hurt ourselves defending our liberty from the tech tyrants and the ruling class.

Then there is the illegal invasion over the open southern borderwith 4.9 million crossing since Biden took office and the Border Patrol seizing enough fentanyl just in July to kill every American

Who knows what else is crossing over?

Anti-liberty leftists weren't satisfied with screwing things up domestically.  Who can forget the bureaucracy-based disaster that was the Afghanistan withdrawal?  You have to hand it to them for being equal-opportunity bunglers around the world, being sure to humiliate the people who protect them while leaving billions of dollars of high-tech weaponry in the hands of our enemies along with people who trusted us not to leave them behind.  That also hasn't stopped them from sending billions to Ukraine to be wasted once again while cueing us up for WWIII. 

Meanwhile, the administration's genius moves to return us to energy dependence meant skyrocketing gas and diesel prices.  But that didn't matter much; you had to worry about that only if you drove a car or a tractor or semi–tractor trailer or needed anything from a farm or anything that had to be transported.  

Maybe we should ask: why is it that Biden was not to blame for prices going through the roof, but he got the credit when they came down a tiny bit?

Somehow, those geniuses don't understand the concept of a Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is supposed to be for a war emergency and not a gimmick to bring down prices before a crucial election. 

Prices on food and other essentials were climbing out of sight, so it didn't matter if the shelves were empty because you weren't able to afford the goods anyway.  Ah, the wonders of socialism.  If this keeps up, we won't have to worry about shortages of toilet paper, since we'll have plenty of extra currency lying around.  Plus we can use it to heat and light our homes during the inevitable blackouts.

Did we forget to mention that crime is out of control?  Somehow that seems to happen when you don't punish criminals and you obsess over disarming the innocent.  This is an actual headline from the L.A. Times: "Violent crime is spiking in Trump's California."  The nation's socialist media are desperate to blame anyone but the left, even going so far as to blame President Trump.

Take a look at the nation's propaganda organs of the liberticidal left and how much they avoid mentioning Biden or the Democrats.

We are in the throes of the ravages of socialism — inflation, supply shortages, the beginnings of a police state, and yes, the oppression of a nation under such a system.

But aside from lying that their socialist national agenda has utterly failed, as it always has down through history, or even mentioning the s-word, anti-liberty leftists are cruelly blaming their mistakes on others and desperately trying to divert attention. 

The national administration of that socialist state has admitted by projection that it wants to destroy the country.  We have shown how these people have been doing that for the past year and a half.

Now for the inescapable question everyone must answer this fall: Why would any sane person vote for this?

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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