Dispelling the Pre-Election Abortion Lies

Having worked in healthcare and education for over 40 years, it’s clear that the medical community is rife with life-destroying lies — especially now that election season is upon us.

It is a very disturbing trend, and nowhere is this more evident than with abortions. Democrats/leftists propagate the most horrendous lies about abortion with seemingly no accountability.  The reason they get away with their lies is because for too long, too many people have said nothing — as Edmund Burke is reputed to have said, evil flourishes when good people say and do nothing.

Perhaps the gravest offense in the history of the world has always been the belief that some lives don’t matter; except of course for the lives of the people directing the narrative that some lives don’t matter.  Every kind of person has experienced the brunt of this offense in many different ways, but none is more evil than the belief that the lives of innocent babies, who have committed no wrong against any person and have a lifetime before them, “do not matter” — because if they don’t matter, then none of us matter.

So here is something said about the top 3 lies promoted in the Democrats’ pro-death advertisements:

Lie #1: A woman has the right to choices regarding her body.

Similar to the pro-slavery decisions by the 1857 Supreme Court which declared slaves were not fully human, the Democrat Supreme Court decision in 1973 declared that babies are not fully human either — but science does not support the basis of either decision.  Therefore, science is rejected by pro-abortion supporters because it does not support their lies, despite their claim that they base all their beliefs on science.

Science has unequivocally proven an unborn baby is not the mother’s body; rather, the child has its own body with its own DNA, heart, brain, and everything else fully human.  A child is not simply a clump of tissue, and we all know that because we have seen severely premature babies survive at 5 months, weighing as little as 9 ounces who are fully formed.  We know the baby’s heart starts beating at 18 days after conception, and with 4D and 5D ultrasounds, we can see into the womb and see the perfectly formed toes, nose, and face.

Lie #2: Abortion is safe and good for women, and banning them would jeopardize the health of mothers such as those who have ectopic or high-risk pregnancies and criminalize doctors who provide healthcare to these women.

Abortions are killing not just babies, but women too, but for some unexplained reason mothers dying during an abortion, as well as the lifelong physical and mental trauma of the mother are not important in the pro-abortion mindset, even though they say they empathize with and care about the mother.

There is an important distinction that must be made between abortion clinics and hospitals.  Abortion clinics are geared towards taking life and do not have the facilities to provide any life-saving procedures, but hospitals do.  In fact, abortion clinics and their supporters have fought against abortion clinics being required to meet hospital standards.

A pregnant woman who is injured at an abortion clinic or who has complications like an ectopic or high-risk pregnancy go to a hospital to receive life-saving health care, not to be killed.  Medical procedures such as repairs, C-sections or excisions are performed, not abortions.  Hospital doctors act with the understanding there are two patients — two lives — to be saved if possible.  Understanding these differences, it is absurd to say doctors in hospitals would be charged with crimes who treat a pregnant woman with complications because health care in hospitals is focused on saving lives.  It would be a very dark departure from the Hippocratic Oath if doctors began taking lives instead of saving lives.

Abortion is a surgical procedure which carries many serious risks for women such as punctured organs and sepsis.  An abortion is done by poisoning or dismembering the baby.  Afterwards, the baby’s body parts such as fingers, face, eyes, and heart need to be put back together to be sure nothing was left behind in the mother, or she can become septic and die.  Imagining this scene, the question begs to be asked why pictures of aborted babies and their organs being ripped out and sold are not allowed in our culture which thrives on every other kind of extreme violence and sex?

Lie #3: Abortions should be allowed for rape and incest.

When a mother conceives during a rape, there are two victims — both the mother and the baby.  So how does killing an innocent child make things right?  If killing one victim is okay, then why is it not okay to destroy the life of the other victim?  While the baby dies a brutal death, if the mother survives the abortion, she is almost guaranteed to endure lifelong physical and mental trauma, including continued victimization.  Oftentimes, mothers return or are sent back to their abusers.  This could include predatory men in the home, a family friend, or a relative who used abortion to conceal their acts, for often neither the abortionist nor anyone else reports the abuse (the abortion industry has continuously been caught aiding and abetting sexual abusers).

The truth of these horrific lies and victimization in the name of abortion is evidenced in the conversion of staunch pro-abortion supporters who changed to pro-life, such as Dr. Nathanson who started NARAL and later produced the “Silent Scream” video, and Carol Everett, a woman who managed abortion clinics in Texas and wrote the book “Blood Money”, which details the real horrors and the lies of abortion clinics.

Lies create fear and hate.  When people lie, people die, and nowhere is this more true than with abortion. It is not about politics, it is about whose life matters.

One question remains: why is it the only “choice” allowed by abortion supporters is the choice to kill, but choices to save lives are not allowed?

Image: Free image from Pixabay, no attribution required.

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