Former Chicago school administrator allegedly procured abortions for young girl he allegedly assaulted

Reports from Chicago media on Wednesday detailed a deeply disturbing and tragic story — and regrettably, it's par for the course, given the circumstances and parties involved.

At a local high school in the Chicago Public Schools system, it was discovered that a former dean had allegedly sexually assaulted a young female student over the course of several years.  According to a prosecutor familiar with the case, during the relationship, she fell pregnant twice, and on both occasions, she obtained abortions to end the lives of their children — and was allowed to do so only because her abuser pretended to be her "stepfather."

According to the article:

Prosecutors said Wednesday that the former dean of a Chicago public high school had a sexual relationship with one of his students for years and that he posed as her stepfather twice to sign consent forms so she could get an abortion.

The abortion industry has a long and grotesque history of aiding and abetting child predators to destroy evidence of crimes — no baby, no proof of paternity.

Townhall released a piece on a 2018 report of this practice, saying:

Planned Parenthood once again [emphasis added] finds itself under fire after a report was released showing that the 'women's health' clinic performed abortions on young girls who had been sexually abused by family members, and then failed to report these crimes. Instead of taking a harsh stance against sexual abuse, Planned Parenthood sent these girls back home to the abusive arms of the family members who perpetrated sex crimes without law enforcement having any knowledge.

So not only did this industry accept petty cash to poison or dismember an innocent child, but it covered up known sexual abuse where the victims were themselves children.

A few years back, the leading anti-abortion organization known as Live Action released a seven-part video series.  Of the project, founder Lila Rose said:

We will show you how Planned Parenthood consistently and deliberately fails to report instances of child sexual abuse to law enforcement. Our series includes many cases documented in the public record [emphasis added][.]

Life Dynamics, an anti-abortion group out of Texas, has performed countless investigations into Big Abortion and covered litigation involving abortion.  According to the group:

In 1985, 13-year-old 'Dawn' died from a legal abortion sought without her parent's knowledge. When a judge asked the abortionist if Dawn's age had captured his attention, he responded: 'Oh, no. I've done 13-year-olds before. When they're 10, maybe I'll notice.'

Child predation is so intertwined with the abortion industry that Life Dynamics even set up an entire website dedicated to this specific aspect.

It should not be surprising that an industry that thrives on the blood of children conspires with child predators to secure profits.  Child sacrifice and child predation go hand in hand, and promoting abortion guarantees the inevitable: sexual exploitation of children.

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