Cruelty? Who Is More Cruel than the Left?

There's a reason we call the hypocrites of the fascist far left the party of projection.  Their very words on the situation condemn their actions.

Anti-liberty leftists love to weaponize certain words and then use them to excess.  It's the one thing that collectivists are really good at — that and oppressing and murdering billions of people and then blaming it on pro-freedom individualists, whom they call fascists. 

Yes, the authoritarians of the nation's socialist left love the word "cruelty" when it comes to border security and keeping untold dangerous amounts of fentanyl out of the country.  Apparently, it's "cruel" that we don't let the Chinese Communist Party poison a generation of our children or let in terrorists and who knows what else.

Thus, the word was trending, and the nation's socialist media were falling all over themselves to come up with different variations on the theme, forgetting that when you point a finger at someone, three point back at you.

Jonathan Last of the Bulwark decided that "Cruelty Is the Point," with some startling revelations: 

First, the Biden administration explicitly rejects open borders.

Doesn't this story "explicitly" prove that that is a lie?

Not to mention all of the videos of the illegal invaders streaming in over the wide open border or the two million who have already invaded. 

The Biden regime has admitted one million illegal aliens into the country since being sworn in.  So much for explicitly rejecting open borders.

No More Mister Nice Blog played off this "theme": "For Once, I Don't Think Cruelty Is the Point."  The L.A. Times decided: "Ron DeSantis' cruel political theater falls flat on Martha's Vineyard."

While the anti-liberty left is making all manner of accusations of cruelty, leftists' actions are the worst in this regard.  But that doesn't matter to them if they can deflect attention.

Venezuelans are fleeing the left's socialist national agenda.

Venezuelans are here because of Chavismo "Socialism of the 21st century."  They take the arduous journey through the Darien Gap, Central America, and Mexico to get away from what the enemies of liberty on the left want to cruelly impose in the States.  But the nation's socialist media don't want to mention those facts — only those that put the pro-freedom right in a negative light.

Despite the lies from the liberticidal left, the illegal aliens in Florida were told where they were going: the Daily Caller reports that they were informed of their destination prior to boarding flights to the island, according to documents exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Remember, this is a vacation destination, with plenty of million-dollar mansions that could easily accommodate all of the estimated illegal invaders who have come in over the border over the past two years, to say nothing of 50 people. 

And yet the door of hospitality was slammed in their faces.

Even worse, the people who have regularly dealt with Guardia Nacional Bolivariana (GNB) on the streets were unceremoniously removed from an idyllic island location to a military base with the assistance of 125 National Guardsmen

Doesn't that sound like abject cruelty to you?

Here we have human beings who have journeyed a long way to escape the ravages of collectivism, and they were given an opportunity to go to a place favored by the rich and democratic.  Instead of being welcomed, they were disposed of, just like everyone else not of the authoritarian-left ruling class.

But we can back up a few steps even farther, pointing out that when the nation's socialist media point their crooked finger of accusation at the pro-freedom right, three fingers point back at them, too.

Anti-liberty leftists are after all the party of projection, accusing others of exactly what they are doing — in spades.

So we can ask Sarah Jones of New York magazine: "What Happens When a Party Rejects Humanity?"

Like all the other projecting screeds produced on this subject, it takes a fascinating new turn if you consider which side started using people as political pawns and switch the sides back to reality with "Democrat" for "Republican."  After a long screed, projecting on all cylinders, you should consider these words when applied to the anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far left:

The party's transformation into a thoroughly inhumane entity threatens to become permanent, and it should spell the end of the bipartisan impulse.

This is from the party that will do anything to win, that wants to shred the Bill of Rights and is using federal law enforcement against its political enemies.

Even worse, a piece from "common dreams" calling for jail time for racism: "Racist Governors Abbott and DeSantis Deserve Jail Time."  You can always tell when someone doesn't have a case for what he calls for in the headline when he buries the lede — in other words, when he demands or claims something and then avoids discussing it for several paragraphs, or, in this case, most of the piece.  The idea is that most people read only the headline, so people come away with the lie that governors Abbott and DeSantis are somehow "guilty" of some "crime."

The lesson we've learned from all of this is that anti-liberty leftists are fine with an illegal invasion.  They just don't want people moving in where they live.  They can't say this out loud, so they project it on the pro-freedom right.  And when they talk about using people as a political weapon, rejecting humanity, Sadistic Immigration Stunts, and cruelty, they are referring to themselves.  They just can't be honest about it. 

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

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