COVID 19 and the Deification of Government

The rocky road this nation has traveled over the past 22 months has given rise to a severe loss of credibility for the government and the scientific/medical community.  But more importantly, these months of COVID hysteria have brought out into the open a fundamental question about the ethos of the American people, their leaders and the future of the nation.

An increasingly significant percentage of the citizenry is abandoning a belief in God and the Judeo-Christian teachings that undergird the foundation of the country, with many willfully substituting an unconditional faith in government.  Accordingly, the United States is evolving into a society wherein a significant majority can be willingly manipulated and extraordinarily susceptible to collective hysteria due their near-religious belief in the infallibility of a man-made institution.   

Alas, the institution of government, as the pandemic revealed, is dominated by unscrupulous and despotic politicians, their sycophants in the corporate media and politicized bureaucrats.  Elitists who have unabashedly sowed unfounded fear, anxiety and falsehoods among the populace in order to successfully abet the fraudulent skewing of the 2020 election and for personal economic gain.  These same wannabe autocrats have also revealed themselves to be incapable of changing course or admitting to and apologizing for their innumerable and ongoing lies and mistakes.

Over the past 1,600 years, numerous global pandemics have been the primary causation in the death of nearly 700+ million people.   In many instances, upwards of 25% of a country’s population was killed during these pandemics. 

Yet at no time during the past 16 centuries has a nation’s healthy population been effectively quarantined and its society been subjected to lockdowns and deliberate economic dislocation.  That is until March of 2020 and a laboratory-created respiratory virus with, as it turns out, less than 100 out of 100,000 (0.1%) who contracted Covid-19 dying of Covid-19.   

Many among the American and global governing elites willfully chose to follow the lead of their authoritarian soulmates, the Communist Chinese and their choreographed public lockdown of Hubei province (Wuhan) in January of 2020.   The elites unleashed their inner tyrant upon their respective societies without questioning why Xi Jinping had instituted a dramatic lockdown (which was fully lifted within 72 days).  

They did not wait for any substantive data about the virus despite warnings from numerous renowned doctors and scientists to slow down and wait for more information and rely on traditional public health approaches that had been used successfully in previous respiratory virus outbreaks such as in 1957-59 and 1968-69.

Instead, the ruling elites in the United States, primarily for political and electoral reasons, publicly committed to “eradicating” the virus and touted absurd models that claimed over 2.2 million Americans would die of the virus.  Thus, the implementation of unprecedented nationwide economic and societal shutdowns and mandatory masking was the only solution. 

The federal government, including a duped President Trump, proclaimed to the public that these policy prescriptions would “defeat the virus” -- an astonishing and delusional claim as it is impossible to “defeat” a seasonal respiratory virus.  Trump eventually came around to a different view, but it set the precedent and locked the entire country into a pattern of control and suppression.  This has evolved into a command-and-control method that not only did not work but created a scenario wherein there seemed to be no way out but even more control and coercion.

These actions have eventuated in the greatest transfer of wealth in human history from the lower and middle classes to the elites, as well as untold emotional and physical devastation among these same disposable populations. 

Covid mania is now highlighted by government mandated or militantly coerced reliance on significantly flawed vaccines that do not prevent infection stemming from new and inevitable variants of Covid-19.  In fact the vaccines may aid in spawning these variants.    Meanwhile, the dramatic rise in drug overdoses, suicides, and child abuse as well as financial dislocation, inflation, impending recession and ongoing wealth transfer to the nation’s elites continues unabated.

None of this would have been possible if a sizable number of the American people weren’t predisposed to believe, without question, any edict, statement, exaggeration or falsehood emanating from the medical/science bureaucracy or elected politicians at any level of government.

If the current citizenry were as well versed in American history and as skeptical of government and as distrusting of the ruling elites as their God-fearing ancestors, this nation would not have experienced the chaos and misery extant over the past 22 months. 

First, the bureaucrats and politicians would not have attempted to impose societal lockdowns and unconstitutional mandates.  Second, if they had been so foolish as to try, they would have precipitated a national revulsion and revolt, as there were numerous events that quickly exposed the falsehoods and hypocrisy of those issuing the edicts together with the actual facts and statistics that belied what the American people were being told.

Shortly after the imposition of lockdowns and social distancing throughout the United States, the same bureaucrats and politicians were claiming that massive left-wing demonstrations protesting George Floyd’s death would not spread the virus whereas any large gatherings of conservatives or Trump supporters would. 

Numerous politicians, bureaucrats and other denizens of the ruling elite unabashedly ignored the edicts and mandates imposed on the unwashed masses by vacationing, traveling and gathering together at will.  While small businesses were forcibly shuttered, the major chains and E-commerce outlets owned by their plutocractic fellow travelers were allowed to remain open for business as usual.

Italy was the first western country to experience a massive surge of Covid-19 cases.  By the middle of March 2020, it was confirmed by Italy’s National Health Institute that nearly 90% of fatalities were among those over 70 with significant comorbidities.  This clearly indicated the need for societies to focus almost solely on that age group and not society at large, thus mitigating the purporteded need for lockdowns.  Further, the death rate directly traceable to the virus was only 0.8%, 5 to 6 times less than what the American people were being told would happen.  The government bureaucrats and politicians knew early in the pandemic the true statistics about Covid-19. 

On July 5, 2020, Donald Trump, facing vile accusations of outright lying by the corporate media and the Democrats, declared that 99% of Covid cases had been harmless.  By August of 2020, the CDC was forced to release data confirming the average survival rate for everyone under 70 was 99.6% (95% over 70) and in less than 6% of all alleged covid deaths did people die of Covid.

In April of 2020 Dr. Birx, of Trump’s COVID task force, openly stated that anyone who died with COVID, regardless of the primary cause of death, would be recorded as a COVID fatality, thus greatly exaggerating and over-dramatizing for public consumption the deaths directly attributable to the virus.

Over the past 22 months, despite the innumerable occurrences of misfeasance and duplicity by the ruling elites, a sizable plurality of Americans are even now willingly being manipulated and are still captive to collective hysteria.  Their dogmatic belief in government overcomes their life experience of COVID, as they continue to unquestioningly believe every fabrication and blindly obey every illegal and unnecessary mandate issued by the bureaucrats and politicians regardless of the devastating impact on themselves and their fellow residents of the lower and middle classes.

What the United States has experienced since March of 2020 is but a microcosm of what will happen to this nation if an increasing percentage of the citizenry chooses to deify government and other man-made institutions.  They will have played into the hands of despotic authoritarians hellbent on transforming the United States as founded.

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