The Mindless Attempt to Remake America

The history and consequences of the attempt to take down America and take charge of everybody’s life has been told (some of it here, here and here), but the damning evidence has been kept from the public. There is time here only for a peek at the big picture. And, by the way, seeking information and commentary on America’s take-down should not be regarded as an idle pursuit of conspiracy theories − a buzzword used to deflect attention from official wrongdoing.

In few words . . .

Marxists worked hard for over a century to “correct” American society, deemed in their arrogance and clouded mentality “incorrect.” Their trajectory for a remake of America would replace the wisdom of the Creator with acceptable “science,” make morality irrelevant, and devalue every citizen in the name of justice − theirs. Who would be in charge of all this was left unspecified and undefined, but their actions pointed to tyranny at the highest level of authority.

Noncompliant people would be disposed of, one way or another. In Russia, Marxists preferred prison, gulags, and murder for the “dissidents.” In America they chose “education” – that is, brainwashing and indoctrination − and demonizing the opponents. Whether “hard” or “soft,” the mindless and heartless means would be justified by the desired end: establishing a collective world order, aka New World Order, aka Great Reset.

American Marxists steeled themselves during the major launch of Communism in Russia in 1917 and its subsequent infiltration throughout the world after World Wars I and II. They dedicated themselves to brainwashing the young in public schools, beginning early in the 20th century, and brainwashing adults through media and church into accepting a world devoid of Judeo-Christian content, spirit, and guidance, all of which stood in the way of their campaign.

Infiltrating the schools has been well documented (comprehensively here). Infiltrating the mainline churches accelerated during the 1970s when faux-Christian change agents busied themselves making congregations believe that you could be a Marxist and a Christian at the same time. It was never put this bluntly of course. I witnessed the process as a church organist in those years. Never mind that if a Marxist were to be asked what he thought of Christianity he would very likely lie about it or gloss over the fact that Joseph Stalin, Marxist-in-Chief of Soviet Russia, was suppressing Christians, as in today’s Communist China, and murdering over a million people.

I knew a young Christian pastor in Maine who was thrilled with the prospects of so-called Liberation Theology, the bogus union of Marxism and Christianity designed to hoodwink real Christians into accepting a non-existing compatibility between Marxist ideology and Christian theology. She evidently never actually compared the Christian Gospel with The Communist Manifesto and mindlessly bought into the Big Lie that Marxism and Christianity are in harmony with one another. And so, another benighted Christian minister had unwittingly joined the cause of Marxist infiltration instead of preaching the Gospel.

The brainwash in churches and across the cultural landscape of America spread quickly after mid-century, working so well that by the 1980s many fully awake Americans began to fight back in earnest. And so “officially” began the Culture War.

It has been claimed on both sides that we (the “Deplorables”) lost the Culture War. That is too hasty a call. It must be pointed out in this connection that the lure of money created turncoats among previously stalwart organizations and publications initially dedicated to conserving our republic and Judeo-Christian principles of governance. These corrupted remakes of once loyal American organizations retained the title “conservative,” however, in line with Marxist deception.

Marxists in America are still brainwashing students, K-12 and beyond, still acting as apparatchiks for a soft overthrow of the American Republic in academia, seminary, workplace and media, funded by corporate money and “philanthropic” endowments flowing from agents and organizations with no use for America, God, and anything that defines real human beings living in the real world.

Pointing out the fraud of the Left against Americans of every color and position in life is of course put down as “conspiracy theory,” pretending that Marxists never engage in such devious activity. If you believe that, you must also believe that today’s Marxists are ignorant of their own history, rife with class warfare, iron-fisted rule, and ruthless depopulation of dissidents in the millions

Today’s “Build Back Better” globalists are as ruthless as their more obvious Marxist predecessors in Europe after the world wars. Instead of shooting and bombing their opponents or hauling them off to prisons and gulags, today’s Leftist moguls target their opponents with character assassination, extortion, litigation, media censorship – to scratch the surface. The technological means of terminating adversaries has advanced beyond the wildest dreams of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, and other arch despots the world has known.

But what means is there of terminating the truth?

Ideas for governing people have consequences for good or evil. “Anyone who has not heard that ideas have consequences,” wrote novelist and poet William Mills, “and that a culture war has waged since World War II, might consider that [several] generations of young people have been taught to despise their country and its economic system, to be suspicious of their parents, to encourage its women to hate the majority of their men, and in the name of internationalism, to accept kinds of immigration that are a national suicide pact.”

To be taken seriously, the governance of human beings must resonate with a love of people and acceptance of the natural order that we find ourselves in. This implies a fundamental need to follow the One who put us here. If men far wiser than any of us today accepted the God of the Bible as the ultimate authority when they formed our government, who are we to declare their blueprint for governance flawed, while benefiting from the great nation they left us, at a cost in blood and sacrifice beyond current calculation?

In this age of benighted followers of mindless and heartless despots, what is overdue is a politics-free examination of the real world that we all must deal with, a reexamination of trans-generational wisdom, thousands of years in the making, and an unwavering faith in our Creator, whose Word enlightens and encourages us to overcome the power of fear, intimidation, and money in the constant struggle against evil consequences. Opposing God’s transcendent laws and guidance is a way to shut off every path to social justice and wellbeing.

That the term “social justice” has been appropriated by Marxists shows the extent of their treachery. It should be obvious by now that haters of God and his Creation also hate truth, going so far as to make the telling of it a hate crime. Moguls of power who continue to deny divine wisdom are numb and deaf to the rumblings of the earth beneath their feet.

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