When does a conspiracy theory become a conspiracy?

Consider the following scenario:  

Two similar businesses, literally side by side, are subjected to laws designed to prevent the spread of the China Virus.  One is shut down; the other, with the blessing of the state, remains open.  The owners of the one that is shut down are subjected to threats by the state — threats of jail time, fines, and loss of licenses.  The business that is allowed to remain open is a large corporate donor to Democrats.  Disfavored are small businesses, churches, and private gatherings.  Is that a coincidence?  

The top social media giants, multi-billion-dollar corporations, frequently experience some sort of "glitch" or other error that causes them to censor the political speech of some of their users.  Is it mere coincidence that nearly every single instance of such censorship constrains conservative speech but not leftist speech?  

Six battleground states, on election night, begin counting votes, and President Trump is leading by a vast margin in each of them.  All six states stop counting early, and send their poll-workers home.  By next morning, Trump is losing in all six states.  All six.  Is that a coincidence?

In the case of elections, the Constitution defers to state governments in the conduct of assigning electors.  The electors are the actual people who, in point of fact, choose the president.  The state legislatures select the electors.  State legislators have all the authority — not the governors, not the election officials, not anybody except the state legislators.  Period.  Therefore, the federal government has little or no jurisdiction in the matter.  

There is a well established principle that may open the door for the Supreme Court to step in.  That principle involves interstate activity, such as commerce.  Not being a lawyer, I cannot pry that door open myself, but if it becomes clear (as it has, in my opinion) that there were not six separate, unrelated cabals, but rather one — one single multi-state conspiracy, which defrauded the American people, denied them a fair election — well, I need go no further.  

The Court, however, must.  It must take into account the overall picture.  And there is more to that picture, much more.  Here is some of it:  

If this election is stolen by the radical left, there will never be another fair national election in our lifetime.  Instead, there will be an increasingly authoritarian government, run by corrupt officials and zealous ideologues, who will never relinquish power without bloodshed.  The courts themselves will be rendered powerless to stop it.  Only a re-elected President Trump can do so.  

Am I a conspiracy nut?  Or is the conspiracy more real, and more sinister, than many imagine?  You decide.  

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