Woke Capitalists Want to Remake the Financial Landscape

Some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful masterminds have seized upon climate change and the COVID pandemic to engineer a financial reset, or what they like to call the Going Direct Reset, as defined in a nutshell by Catherine Austin Fitts:

The Going Direct Reset is about the reengineering of our financial system. The U.S. dollar reserve currency system is aging, and plans are underway for a new global financial system aimed at increasing centralized global control through the use of digital technology and telecommunications and the end of liquid currencies as we know them.

Ms. Fitts goes into the weeds, so to speak, with an interview with John Titus on this Going Direct Reset. Let’s just say it’s a labyrinth.

This reset coincides nicely with the ongoing, massive transfer of $68 trillion in wealth from the rapidly aging and dying baby boomers to the millennials. The millennial population, ever comfortable in a digital world, has been conditioned to accept their impending financial enslavement without question.

The major players are the U.S. (the Biden administration, Federal Reserve, IRS, major banks and financial institutions), the World Economic Forum, World Bank, and sundry European corporate and governmental conglomerates. Most notable in this drama is BlackRock -- the puppet master pulling the strings and arranging the pieces.

A journalist named Corey Lynn has written an interesting article for the Silver Bear Café (some of the articles I reference herein are from links provided in the timeline towards the end of Ms. Lynn’s article). She starts out by noticing how her bank had started to categorize her expenses into groups such as “income, health & fitness, food & dining, travel, business services, pet supplies, and so on.” She discovered that her bank had contracted a company named Yodlee to aggregate her financial data (turns out Yodlee was selling her data, too). From there it gets more interesting: Yodlee was acquired in 2015 by a company called Envestnet.

Envestnet works with 17 of the top 20 banks along with 5,200 other banks, financial institutions, and companies. They serve $4.8 trillion in assets, manage $229 billion in assets, and power more than 2 million financial plans a quarter. Envestnet services 500 million aggregated accounts each day. Three years later, in 2018, BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager, bought an equity stake in Envestnet and partnered with them to integrate their technology with Envestnet’s.

BlackRock manages $7.8 trillion in assets and has been in the news lately for snatching up huge swaths of American homes.

BlackRock was the designer and bandleader of the Going Direct Reset at the 2019 G7 meeting in Jackson Hole, Wy.

The Federal Reserve tapped BlackRock to manage major bond purchases.

Lynn describes a “revolving door” of highly placed BlackRock personnel serving the Clinton, Obama, and now Biden administrations (Brian Deese, Wally Adeyemo, and Michael Pyle are three ex-BlackRock executives in Biden’s administration). She writes:

Under the guise of “financial wellness” and “climate-related financial risk,” they [BlackRock] have shifted the financial industry to streamline and surveil everyone’s financial data so that they can control it through a social score system, tell you how and where to spend your money, and siphon what they deem should go to the IRS.

BlackRock’s CEO is on the World Economic Forum Board of Trustees. His name is Larry Fink, and he is one big, bad woke capitalist. He reportedly helped strongarm 450 of the world’s top banks to promise to align their financial decisions with the Paris Climate Agreement. He threatens and pounds on corporations to embrace diversity, equity, and all things green.  Breitbart quotes Larry at length; here’s a sample:

In 2020, we identified 244 companies that were making insufficient progress integrating climate risk into their business models or disclosures. Of these companies, we took voting action against 53, or 22%. We have put the remaining 191 companies “on watch.” Those that do not make significant progress risk voting action against management in 2021.

Nationalism, or what some call the territorial imperative, is an instinctive part of the human condition, and those impulses are incompatible with grandiose globalist aspirations. That’s why Donald Trump was so dangerous -- his contagion was starting to spread to other countries.

The globalists require a functioning international banking system for their plans to succeed, and the current financial system is in trouble. Our betters think they can fix it. They likely cannot, but their efforts along the way will cause massive dislocations, as surveillance and control are required to force compliance (Biden and his Obama acolytes want to add 87,000 agents to the enforcement arm of the IRS).

We’ll need to give up our guns, cars, and eventually most of our private property. Biden has made no secret of his desire for the federal government to own 30% of all U.S. land and water by 2030, and 50% by 2050. It’s a start.

Sustainable development is a pet phrase of the U.N.’s Agenda 2030. The stated goals sound laudable enough in the abstract but, in tangible terms, they involve massive global wealth distribution and a drastically reduced standard of living for the developed world, among other things. As stimulus payments morph into permanent Universal Basic Income (UBI), we’ll have to learn to like being herded into cramped, high-density housing and owning next to nothing. In the end, climate change, sustainable development, and the like are for we (the people), but not for thee.

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