The Biden Honeymoon is Definitely Over

Joe Biden has had his 100-day honeymoon.  People were bound to start complaining eventually.

But then something at the gas station caught my attention.  As I was filling my car, I noticed that someone had put a sticky note on the gas pump.  It read, “Prices Compliments of Joe Biden.”  When I told a friend about it, he commented that those notes have been appearing around town.  It gave me a good laugh, but in the back of my head, I was wondering if this was something more than normal grumbling about the government.  Was something different this time?

On my 15-minute drive home I saw two pickup trucks proudly flying “F*** Biden” flags.  Yup, something’s definitely different this time.  Granted I live in free Idaho, but I’ve never seen a flag like that about a sitting president in the past.  This isn’t the normal grumbling of citizens embarrassed by a President’s Texas accent or his mean tweets.  This is the seething anger that one gets when cheated by a con artist.  We were promised a return to normalcy.  What we got was a doddering old fool with the most radical agenda in history.

During the height of the ISIS occupation of Mosul, the resistance took to scrawling the letter “M” on buildings and walls.  It stood for “muqawama” – resistance.  Granted our situation is not as dire as that in occupied Mosul – yet.  But could those sticky notes and flags be the new American call for resistance?

I did an article a couple of months ago in which I predicted that the embarrassment of “buyers’ remorse” would gestate into anger over the next couple of years.  I was wrong.  It seems the gestation period was much shorter than I predicted.  It’s time to understand what the Harris/Biden administration has done to earn such animosity.

When Joe declared war on the fossil fuel industry it was apparent that his policies would eventually drive up prices at the pump (and the electric meter).  But gasoline has gone up each week for 17 consecutive weeks – something that hasn’t happened since 1994.  That represents a 50% increase in some places.  How many Americans do you suppose live 50% below their means?  Because if they don’t, every time they fill up their tank, they have to think about what they’ll give up to pay for it.  To drive that point home, the prankster with the sticky notes is making sure that they’re reminded that they voted for these policies – every time they have to choose between new shoes for the kids or a tank of gas.

Aside from the rising cost of gasoline, look at what happened when the Colonial Pipeline was shut down last week.  The United States has achieved energy independence – but just barely.  Our energy infrastructure operates near the limit of its capacity.  Under such circumstances, even small disruptions can be catastrophic.  A mere three days of disruption to the pipeline caused shortages and long gas lines throughout the eastern United States.

Showing true sensitivity to those suffering, Energy Secretary Granholm helpfully commented that, “If you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you.”  Okay fine.  So, tell me, genius, how do electric cars run when California turns off the electricity – because the wind’s blowing?  Here’s an even better question for Secretary Granholm.  If one pipeline disruption can put 17 states close to a state of emergency, what are the long-term risks from canceling the Keystone XL pipeline?

But we shouldn’t worry.  Joe is on it.  He’s announced that he’s forming an exploratory committee, whose job will be to select a blue-ribbon panel to study the fuel shortage issue.  They will begin meeting after Labor Day.  That’s right – he’s naming a committee, to select a committee, to study that which we already know.  We depend on fossil fuels and there’s nothing the greenies can do to change that.  We need to be expanding our fossil fuel industry, not choking it to death.

Unemployment is rising again.  It was at 6.1% in April.  Lunch-Bucket Joe predicted that April would see a record increase in jobs.  Instead, the increase was only one-fourth of what he had predicted, and unemployment actually rose.  In a true testament to the wisdom of the federal government, nobody anticipated that if you pay people to not work, they’ll you know … not work.  It’s just as well because nobody can afford gas to commute anyway.

Joe also set a record in April.  173,000 illegal aliens crossed the border – the highest single month number in history.  Remember when we had 13,000 children kenneled at the border?  Those were the good old days.  That number has exploded to 17,000.  Their living conditions are deplorable with overcrowded facilities, COVID infections, and outbreaks of lice.  But the administration can’t seem to decide if this is a crisis or not.  Perhaps Joe could name a committee, to appoint a committee, to study the issue.  I’m sure they can determine if it’s a crisis or not sometime before the next election.

And finally, what may prove to be the biggest crisis of all – inflation.  The Harris/Biden administration is tossing around trillion-dollar spending bills like they’re party favors.  This is all spending above and beyond the normal federal budget.  It’s money the government doesn’t have.  When the government spends more money than it has, it has to make more (by printing or borrowing it).  When the government puts more money into the economy, the money that’s already there becomes worth less.  And just like that, we’ve got inflation.  It was at 4.2% in April – the sharpest spike since 2008 – and that number doesn’t include the rising price of gasoline or food.  It will inevitably go up more.

I got my IRS letter last week in which Joe bragged about the stimulus check most of us got.  The letter made no mention of the inflation that Joe’s spending binge is creating.  His big accomplishment was to send everyone some money and then lower the value of all of their savings.  It’s true – there is no such thing as a free lunch.  I’m sure nobody will mind working a few more years before they retire if it’s in the public interest.

How does Joe Biden compare to Jimmy Carter?

  • Gas shortages – check
  • Unemployment – check
  • Inflation – check
  • International threats testing the US – check
  • Rising interest rates – pending

Joe is just one hostage situation and a botched rescue attempt away from reprising the Carter administration.  Maybe we should be thankful that he calls a lid by 3:30 every day.  I’d rather he be napping than making decisions.

All of this is why the Dems are in such a panic to consolidate their power before the mid-term elections.  They know 2020 was a fluke.  Their electoral prospects are dim unless they can pack the court, nationalize elections, and make Washington, DC a state.  But through the grace of God, they will not succeed unless we surrender.

God doesn’t give us what we want – he gives us what we need.

  • We wanted Donald Trump reelected – we got Slow-Joe Biden
  • We wanted Kevin McCarthy to be the speaker – we got San Fran Nan
  • We wanted Mitch McConnel to be the majority leader – we got Chucky Schumer

Even though these wishes were denied, God blessed us – with Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.  They are all that stands between us and Democrat hegemony.  If they manage to keep the Dems’ power grabs in check until 2022, God will have given us what we need to succeed, as long as we don’t blow it (looking at you, RINOs).

We have a year and a half to get our act together.  Americans know what they want.

  • No more creeping socialism
  • No more irresponsible spending
  • No more apologizing for America to the world

If the Republicans can get behind those objectives, they will garner the support of all conservatives and retake Congress in 2022.  Otherwise, they’ll have wasted God’s blessing.

I suspect that either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis will be elected in 2024.  I don’t much care which one.  Whoever is elected as the next Republican president, they owe Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema a Presidential Medal of Freedom – for their service to the republic.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey (cropped)  CC BY 2.0 license

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star, Idaho. He is a retired engineer with 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He currently writes at the American Free News Network (  He can be reached at greenjeg at

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