Democrats panic after internal poll shows Republicans sticking to Trump

Democrats are in a panic.

Their already bleak prospects of retaining the House and Senate come 2022 just got bleaker now that a top internal pollster for the Democrats has found that Republican voters remain tightly unified around President Trump while Democrat voters are drifting away.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Republican voters are united behind former President Donald Trump and enthusiastic about putting a check on President Joe Biden in 2022 as GOP infighting in Washington fails to translate outside the Beltway.

That is the conclusion of a fresh survey from veteran Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, who measured Republican voters' fidelity to Trump and their intensity as it relates to participation in next year's midterm elections. Greenberg discovered that three-quarters of the Republican electorate takes its cues from Trump and GOP voters overall are, by 11 percentage points, more interested in 2022 than Democrats.

The data defy initial assumptions that Trump's dominance over party affairs post-presidency, and headline-grabbing disagreements about this among prominent Republicans in Washington, would be a drag on GOP prospects in the next round of federal elections. Greenberg says the dynamic could sink Democrats running in key contests for the House, Senate, and governorship — in several states.

In a memorandum outlining the poll's findings, Greenberg wrote that his team was "surprised by how much Donald Trump's loyalist party is totally consolidated at this early point in its 2022 voting and how engaged it is."

Oh, he's surprised, all right.  And more to the point, Democrats must be running for the toilet.

It's not surprising at all to the rest of us, given that the 2020 election was nakedly stolen from President Trump, the entire establishment continues to brush it off as "baseless" if not conspiracy theories, and assorted pols and media enablers have since taken to trying to cancel anyone who cries foul.  Liz Cheney, who sought to literally bar any Republican from running for office who thought the election was stolen, is Exhibit A.  Combine it with the usurping Biden administration's fast, sharp move to the left, governing as if it has a mandate when it most certainly does not, shutting out all conservative representation as he governs by executive order, and calls himself Mr. Unity, and of course, the Republican voters are going to be rallying around Trump, energized to get some kind of do-over.  People who've been this aggrieved, this silenced, and this lacking in any representation pretty well are naturally going to want some kind of correction as they watch the entire country fall into the hands of rabid leftists and rapidly go downhill.

Trump may not be perfect, as Ted Noel outlines in his personal argument, but he remains an unpredictable and hard-hitting fighter.  That seems about right for the times, given the circles Democrats are running around Republicans, attempting to drug them into thinking nothing is amiss, and raping them in their odious radical left-wing governance, which includes purging the military of Republicans, firing cops for First Amendment offenses, rigging the elections to disenfranchise their opposition, and engaging in corruption that can be achieved only in a one-party state.

They can't cheat if there are too many of us, as the saying goes.  That might just explain why Republicans continue to rally around Trump, even as the press would have us think he's a washout.

Let's see how big those coming Trump rallies are.

Image: Michael Candelori via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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