Yes, it was a Fraudulent Election

I honestly hoped it was not true that there was massive fraud in the November 3 presidential election, even though that would mean the candidate I voted for lost. But due to statistical anomalies in vote counts which strongly point to artificial manipulation, convincingly presented by people much smarter than I am, coupled with suspicious maneuvers by officials in charge of the voting process, along with reports of questionable accumulation and counting of ballots, I found it hard to believe that the election was managed in a way that was fair and honest. But if there was a reasonable explanation for all of the apparent weirdness, I was ready to listen. As I write this we’re into January, yet Reasonable Explanation remains a no-show. Instead, we are to believe that there was, okay, maybe some fraud, but not enough to change the result. Nothing major. And I suppose a certain level of unscrupulous background noise is to be expected during any nationwide election. Dead people...(Read Full Article)