What is the GOP's Problem?

Scores of Republicans are jumping ship like rats as pressure mounts for Trump’s ouster amidst patently absurd accusations he incited the January 6th Capitol riot.  The list of defections grows as GOP senators and representatives denounce the president while White House staff and cabinet members resign in droves.  A few rational analyses exist.  Liberal criminal defense and constitutional law expert, Jonathan Turley states that Trump’s speech does not meet the legal definition for inciting violence, and warns that impeachment is foolhardy and sets a dangerous precedent.  But exploiting a crisis is vintage Democrat behavior.  Spineless “going along to get along” antics?  Vintage Republican. The Hill reports that two anonymous Republican senators bemoan not doing enough to rein in Trump’s bad behavior -- especially regarding election fraud.  They blame him for inciting the Capitol riot, “inflict[ing] serious...(Read Full Article)