What is the GOP's Problem?

Scores of Republicans are jumping ship like rats as pressure mounts for Trump’s ouster amidst patently absurd accusations he incited the January 6th Capitol riot.  The list of defections grows as GOP senators and representatives denounce the president while White House staff and cabinet members resign in droves.  A few rational analyses exist.  Liberal criminal defense and constitutional law expert, Jonathan Turley states that Trump’s speech does not meet the legal definition for inciting violence, and warns that impeachment is foolhardy and sets a dangerous precedent. 

But exploiting a crisis is vintage Democrat behavior.  Spineless “going along to get along” antics?  Vintage Republican.

The Hill reports that two anonymous Republican senators bemoan not doing enough to rein in Trump’s bad behavior -- especially regarding election fraud.  They blame him for inciting the Capitol riot, “inflict[ing] serious [long-term] damage on his party,” and losing Georgia by suppressing the vote with his election fraud fantasies -- even though turnout was record high and he campaigned in Georgia to adoring crowds, despite weak candidates. 

The GOP alienated its base and was on life support long before candidate Trump appeared.  Most pundits agree he redefined and infused new life into the GOP.  But the establishment, the Deep State, and their Republican weenie-collaborators are using this “Capitol” opportunity to regain power and control without any regard for the struggles, concerns, and futures of average Americans.  As long as they have their immunity for trading on insider information that would land the rest of us in prison, their pensions and Cadillac healthcare plans, priority vaccinations, and mobility while the rest of us are locked down, they don’t care about you.

Moreover, any suggestion that Trump supporters boycotted the Georgia runoffs because of the November 3rd steal is wholly unsubstantiated -- I’m unaware of reports, polls, or anecdotal claims that support this.  It appears to have been woven out of whole cloth by the Fourth Estate to suppress Republican turnout and vilify Trump in his waning days. 

The Hill further details that these hucksters who never committed to his conservative agenda admit to expecting Trump to turn out the vote and help down ticket.  As long as they needed our approval or votes to benefit their careers, stoke their pocketbooks, and gain notoriety, they feigned support.  Now that they’ve gotten what they needed and the political winds are shifting, they’re off the Trump Train and on the Democrat Train to Hell where they will compromise, capitulate, and collaborate.

All of this hoo-hah about Trump inciting riots is just an excuse to put the final bullet in Trump’s skull and nullify his accomplishments.  If conservatives wanted to riot, it would be of our own accord, not at the prompting of a politician.  We are not mindless automatons but independent thinkers with common sense and a healthy dose of skepticism, who believe the election was stolen based on the facts.  We would not endorse Trump were he a run-of-the-mill lying politician out for himself. On the contrary, he spent four years defending America’s forgotten men and women, never hesitated to confront the Democrat-Media Complex on our behalf, and fearlessly battled the Woke-Cancel Culture.  He may be unconventional and unpresidential in terms of the slick, polished look people expect in presidents, but he’s had our six and made us safer, stronger, wealthier, healthier, and, indeed, great again.  It’s time we had his six.

There has been a rush to judgment that Trump fanned the flames and that his supporters planned and implemented the riot.  But this four-hour ordeal isn’t in the same league as the destruction, disruption, and sheer terror unleashed by BLM, Antifa, and their Democrat allies and benefactors.  Spare me the histrionics about the horrors of protesters entering the holy of holies when it’s the People’s Capitol. Maybe after cowering in fear, Congress will now understand that innocent Americans were terrorized nightly for months by riotous BLMers and Antifa, whose bedlam was justified by insane progressives, who neutered law enforcement and literally let their cities burn for months.   

It is rich that Democrats make a stink about this, but when a mob of 200 led by Sandy O descended on Pelosi’s office to pressure Congress on the Green New Deal, Pelosi applauded their participation in our democracy.  Code Pinkers disrupted practically every Republican event throughout the Bush and Obama administrations.  Democrat operatives routinely terrorize conservatives and their families at their homes.  Hysterical women whipped up by Senate Democrats stormed the Senate during the Kavanaugh hearings, cornered and berated Republican senators in elevators, and tried to bash in the Supreme Court doors.  Trump’s inauguration was marred by destructive demonstrations. 

Democrats will be Democrats -- violent and despotic -- but their newfound Republipals have crossed a line, alienating 74 million Trump supporters.  They could have simply condemned the violence and defended Trump.  When Democrats behave poorly, their comrades, adherents, and media allies swarm around and protect them from criticism or accountability. But most Republicans lack the stones to swarm.  In this instance, they know what’s coming under Soviet-style one-party rule so they’re sucking up to their Democrat overlords to ensure their own safety with absolutely no regard for you and me.  Pure, unadulterated ass saving.

After all our efforts to work with Dems the last 50 years and the way they returned the favor, they are indeed our enemies; any lingering possibility to unite and mend was destroyed when Pelosi tore up Trump’s SOTU speech.  Anyone who wants to destroy this country, take my wealth, strip me of my liberties, deprive me of constitutional due process and equal protection, lock me down, drug up my kids, put me on a list, take away my livelihood, and appease me with Universal Basic Income, is my enemy. 

People are out of work, out of hope, encumbered by trillions in federal debt, worried about their kids’ futures.  Where is America?  How did she fall so quickly and who is behind it?  Biden is considering COVID vaccination passports to allow travel and work.  Cuomo is contemplating a bill authorizing detainment for public health reasons without any Due Process.  The new Congress’s first order of business was outlawing “mother, father, sister, brother, husband and wife.”  They have weaponized social media.  Reparations are next.  We just elected a man plagued by dementia, with a history of lies, exaggerations, inappropriate racial comments, bizarre hair sniffing behavior, plagiarism, and sleazy connections to China.  He has vowed to take away our guns and hasn’t repudiated Democrat threats to strip us of our jobs, put us on lists, and try us for our thought crimes.

We are not obligated to compromise, unite, or collaborate with Democrats who hate us and everything we stand for, deny us our liberties, and cheat to get elected.  In fact, we are duty bound to resist.  Nor do we owe anything to the Republican rat finks flailing in the swirling eddies of D.C. politics, trying to save their political butts while abandoning those they swore to represent. 

We must reject every Republican who turned against Trump: RINOsaurs like Bush ‘45 and Romney; stalwarts gone awry like Cotton and Crenshaw; and fair-weather friends like Graham and the Turtle.  Their heads are on the proverbial chopping block first chance 74 million get to vote them out.  If they are pundits or news personalities, turn them off.  If they are think-tanks, do not send them your money.

It’s devastating to see four years of accomplishments stomped on by the left and flushed down the congressional toilet by their new rightwing wingmen. My inbox is replete with emails of deep impenetrable worry, frustration, and a profound sense of melancholy and helplessness.  And the left is loving it.  Destroying the Trump presidency is one thing -- mission accomplished on January 6th.  Dividing the GOP another -- a work in progress.  But dismantling and snuffing out the movement is the real goal and it won’t be easy: they know 74 million will not go gently into that good night but will rage against the dying light that is our freedom; that is our America. 

Image: Fruggo