Western Strength or Softness: Which Do Muslims Respect?

Does holding Islam accountable provoke anger, resentment, and violence from Muslims?  And does the opposite — pandering to and appeasing Muslims — win their appreciation, respect, and cooperation? Far too many in the West are convinced that the answer to both of these questions is an emphatic yes. Recently in Berlin (Dec. 7, 2020), for instance, in a speech to the Bundestag, Germany's federal parliament, Helge Lindh of the Social Democratic Party, blasted what he characterized as "Islamophobia" and insisted that Germans need to strive to "understand Muslims instead of trying to change them. ... Let's not go on telling Muslims what modern Islam is." Much of his complaints were directed against the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which not only takes a firm stance against Muslim immigration, but had scheduled me to speak on Islam — and announced it in the days before Lindh spoke.  (German-language video...(Read Full Article)