The Politics of Inoculation

One week before Christmas, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer accused the Trump administration of stalling the shipment of millions of COVID vaccine doses.  Why would a president who spent the better part of a year pulling his beloved country back from the brink of a global pandemic, invested billions into research to produce several vaccines, fast-tracked testing and approval protocols, created Operation Warp Speed (OSW), and assigned a gifted logistics commander from the military to carry out final distribution to the states, gum it all up in the eleventh hour of his administration? The answer is that he did nothing of the sort.  Pfizer’s bit of political skullduggery was just another kick in the pants for an outgoing populist president and industry irritant who had grabbed Big Pharma by the scruff, reined in runaway drug costs, and angled to break the industry’s dependence on a foreign supply chain. Despite the tens of billions given to Pfizer and other drug...(Read Full Article)