The Ghost Who Votes

My house has a ghost, a former resident that moved out in 2009 but still receives mail from unions, political campaigns and the government.  On a sneaking suspicion, I contacted my state representative about my ghost.  Voting records are not freely shared in Illinois, but sure enough, my ghost has been voting.  My state representative won by 34 votes in 2018, now by 35 votes.  Spurred on growing numbers of confirmed reports, he will present a bill to the Illinois General Assembly to clean up the voter rolls, but would such a cleanup be enough? My ghost is the afterimage of someone who moved out, not the specter of a deceased person.  In election jargon, a stale voter, a stale voter registration that votes.  They were never the registered owner, and while records of their former habitation exist, there is no definitive record of their departure.  Even if my ghost was the owner, although unusual, there is nothing...(Read Full Article)