The 2020 Insurrection

Can we now stop calling this an election?  By pretending this insurrection is a legitimate democratic process, we're playing into our enemy's hands, giving credence to the lie that a decrepit, corrupt, sickly old man, Joe Biden, has been elected president of the United States.  This is not an election; it's a coup. A coup d'é any "sudden and decisive action in politics, esp. one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force."  Note that the definition says "illegally or by force," thus equating a rigged election with a military invasion.  But election fraud is the weapon of choice for these enemies.  They concentrated their efforts on one objective: capture and occupy the White House. Every phase of this operation was mapped out well in advance of this election.  Governors-turned-tyrant imposed lockdowns to keep people from the polls.  The panic...(Read Full Article)