Masks can be Murder

Wearing masks can create a sense of anonymity for an aggressor, while also dehumanizing the victim. This prevents empathy, empowering violence, and murder.  So that you know my bona fides, I wrote the book On Killing and created a new field of scholarly endeavor known as “killology” to understand and reduce violence in our society. Criminology is not about teaching people to be criminals, and killology is not about teaching people to kill. It is about understanding the factors that empower and restrain killing in our society. I also wrote Assassination Generation. After the Parkland, Florida, school massacre, I was invited to the White House as part of the President’s round table on violent video games and had the honor of giving the President a copy of that book. This is why I am qualified to talk about murders and masks. People often point to some horrible crime and declare, “This proves humans are naturally...(Read Full Article)