January 6 – Missed Messages All Around

What a day! Or, rather, what media hysteria. In fact, what happened in D.C. was almost entirely safe, normal, peaceful, and constitutional. (For that small percentage of the D.C. event that deviated from those standards, here’s hoping that an honest investigation will uncover the identities of all those who committed criminal acts and lead to their prosecutions. I believe that no true patriot at that event would have  death, injury, or defiling the American flag with violence on his or her conscience.) It’s been a long time since I was in the Capitol. I seem to recall, though, that there were places where one paused upon entry to have one’s identification checked, the purpose for visiting approved, bags searched, and person scanned with walk-through detectors. All the Trump supporters I know, if asked, would have completed this process before moving into the halls. Where were those posts, and the guards that usually go with them? Why so few...(Read Full Article)
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