January 6, 2020, a Day that Will Live in Political Infamy

I attended the “Million MAGA March” on January 6, along with the Mainstreet Patriots chapter of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I did so not because I believed the Republicans in the Senate or Vice-President Mike Pence would do the right thing -- I knew they would not -- but because it marked th beginning of Middle America’s determination to take back the country.  What form that determination will take is up to the wannabe autocrats in the Ruling Class and in particular its Democrat party subsidiary.

I did not go to the Ellipse at the White House to watch President Trump’s speech but opted to remain in the vicinity of the Capitol and watched his speech on a widescreen monitor set up at the Russell Senate Office Building. After the speech ended, I and Mainstreet Patriot member Mike Goldberg walked less than a block to Capitol Hill to join the ever-growing crowd at the West Front of the Capitol. 

As we were able to position ourselves within 75 yards of the entrance, we noticed that among a large cadre of what appeared to be young Trump supporters there were many frankly stereotypical Antifa-looking militants waving Trump flags on the steps attempting to get to the doors as the useless barriers of portable and plastic fencing had been easily breached.  These militants were at the entrance area before Trump’s speech at the Ellipse (two miles away) was finished.  The speech could not have incited the subsequent mayhem.  It was obvious to me that the Capitol Hill and Metro police were deliberately ill-prepared for a crowd of any size, much less the hundreds of thousands that ultimately arrived.  Further, the police presence was miniscule and their only attempt at crowd control were a few random canisters of tear gas.

As the crowd at the steps grew, we saw the few police in attendance step aside and essentially allow the mob to flow into the Capitol.  And thus, the Ruling Class and its media arm had the story for the day and the validation of their programmed mindset of stereotypically portraying the rally attendees as violent deplorables and President Trump as the execrable instigator.

Other than at the immediate Capitol building, among a small handful of what I am convinced were overwhelmingly anti-Trump demonstrators, there were no incidents.  Among the overall police presence none were required to disperse or control perhaps 500,000+ attendees.  Having attended numerous rallies since the late 1960s, this was the largest and most peaceful I have witnessed.  Many police officers we talked to said the same.

What I did witness was the confluence of the inhabitants of Middle America of all races and creeds, there to not only express their exasperation with the fraudulent election, but to tell the denizens of the Ruling Class that they are no longer the meek, easily manipulated occupants of flyover country.  They are committed to taking back the country from those determined to eviscerate the Constitution for their own megalomaniacal gains.

I met people who had traveled from as far away as Hawaii, California, Oregon, Texas, and Alaska.  When I asked why, when travel has been made so difficult with the Chinese Virus restrictions, they to a person said: “We had to come and make a statement.”  Further, the general sentiments were that if we cannot have honest and fair elections then we do not have a country anymore.  Thus, we can no longer be passive -- we have to get out and march, demonstrate, force the states to change election laws, and throw out the politicians that have betrayed their oath and those that elected them.

This march was also an opportunity to express an unalloyed appreciation of President Trump as being the only major political figure since Ronald Reagan to genuinely and unselfishly love America and all of its citizens and for his never-ending battle with the Ruling Class despite the personally destructive and often unfair tactics arrayed against him. Those who are mired in the self-serving and narcissistic swamp of Washington, D.C., or the egomaniacal cesspool of Silicon Valley, or the ostentatious affectations of Hollywood, or the uliginous halls of Wall Street, will never understand the genuine affection that Middle America has for Donald J. Trump.  Much of this affection, frankly, has been precipitated by their loathing for the current American Ruling Class.

I abhor trafficking in conspiracy theories and have avoided doing so over my entire adult life.  Nonetheless, I cannot help but entertain a growing suspicion in the back of my mind, after having witnessed firsthand the events of January 6 and the near complete lack of police presence at the Capitol, and knowing what Antifa has done in other pro-Trump rallies that the powers-to-be at a minimum hoped that what happened would happen.  So deep is the loathing for President Trump and his supporters by the Ruling Class that I cannot rule out this possibility.

So, to the Democrat, Republican, corporatist and professorial subsidiaries of the Ruling Class, a paraphrased message from a member of the Mainstreet Patriots:  We in Middle America have always abided by the adage that we do not riot, we vote.  Now you have taken away the vote. 

Image: Frypie

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