January 6, 2020, a Day that Will Live in Political Infamy

I attended the “Million MAGA March” on January 6, along with the Mainstreet Patriots chapter of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I did so not because I believed the Republicans in the Senate or Vice-President Mike Pence would do the right thing -- I knew they would not -- but because it marked th beginning of Middle America’s determination to take back the country.  What form that determination will take is up to the wannabe autocrats in the Ruling Class and in particular its Democrat party subsidiary. I did not go to the Ellipse at the White House to watch President Trump’s speech but opted to remain in the vicinity of the Capitol and watched his speech on a widescreen monitor set up at the Russell Senate Office Building. After the speech ended, I and Mainstreet Patriot member Mike Goldberg walked less than a block to Capitol Hill to join the ever-growing crowd at the West Front of the Capitol.  As we were able to position ourselves within...(Read Full Article)