Congress Has Learned Nothing and Left America More Divided

D.C. has spoken.  It is fine to burn down businesses and threaten homeowners in the name of "racial justice," but you must never, ever question the results of a political election that takes most of a week to sort out before declaring a winner.   Black Lives Matter and Antifa are reportedly sitting on billions of dollars in donations after causing billions of dollars in property damage in this last year.  Americans who took part in "Stop the Steal" rallies at the Capitol will not find fat bank accounts awaiting them once D.C.'s wrath goes scorched earth on Trump-supporters.  And while glossy fashion mags depict Antifa revolutionaries as chic and stylish in glamorous photo spreads, Shopify and other online stores have already blacklisted MAGA revolutionaries from selling political clothing altogether. Murder and physical battery against...(Read Full Article)