Anti-America Americans are Synergizing Again

Wherever leftist anarchy rears its ugly head, the nearly universal response seems to be: close your eyes; don’t look!  The mob violence yesterday at the US Capitol, on the other hand, will be a tool for establishment repression of conservatives. But for the left, the establishment attitude is: Maybe if the evil is ignored, it will go away.  And for those of us old enough to have experienced anarchist riots and destruction in the 1960s and ‘70s, it could be argued that’s how it played out.  The evil went away … eventually.  Maybe America should just wait them out again this time? Wrong!  First of all, the core elements of the movement to destroy America fifty years ago never really went away; they just went underground.  The end of the Vietnam War took it off the table as the prime reason to riot, pillage and plunder -- to burn America down.   Additionally, strides were made on civil rights, the other...(Read Full Article)