2021: The Left Is Serious Now

People have called 2020 "The Year of the Mask."  I disagree.  This past year is clearly the year when the left, media, and big tech dropped their masks and let us know they were no longer going to waste their time trying to convince us.  They are going seize this nation, and they care not whether we know it. A dude with the appellation "Emanuel" quoted Churchill as a means of counseling the left to never allow a crisis to go to waste.  But awaiting a crisis to exploit is so 2009.  Today, a crisis created is far more effective.  The China Flu and all the riots are two prime examples. COVID may have been accidental (I say "may"), but Democrats sure picked up the ball and ran with it, destroying our economy and people's lives for no nobler a reason than to kill Trump's re-election chances.  Leftists do not care about us and are no longer trying to even maintain the pretense...(Read Full Article)