Tough Love for Law Enforcement Requires Reform

Every parent has had to dispense some “tough love” -- a course correction to make sure a child grows up to be the best person possible. The same is true of our criminal justice system.  Over time, getting the results we want sometimes requires a course correction. If we don’t hold police and prosecutors accountable when they err, the public loses confidence in the law enforcement system, making their jobs not only more difficult, but more dangerous as well. Conservative criminal justice reforms are not about defunding the police or abolishing prisons. Those who swear an oath to protect and serve are heroes.  But one important thing we can do for the people who put their lives on the line every day is to bolster public confidence in law enforcement. Unfortunately, a recent survey of perceptions about our criminal justice system shows that confidence in our police has fallen to the lowest level in two decades. Blind deference to law enforcement...(Read Full Article)