Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Does anyone stop to ask what “testing positive for coronavirus” means?  To be fair about it − something not forthcoming from mainstream media – the test, if positive, shows evidence of a variant of the virus that causes the common cold, coronavirus. The name given to the illness that this type of coronavirus can cause is “Covid-19.”

Symptoms that indicate a need for testing should not be neglected, given the serious nature of Covid-19. It is important, however, to be aware that asymptomatic people who test positive are not contagious. Calling an incidence of a positive test a “case” is highly misleading, for it implies illness or impairment, when many people suffer no symptomns at all.

For those who are not ill and have no symptoms, what good is it for them to know that they have “tested positive for coronavirus” − given that we have been breathing, ingesting, and touching microbes since birth, including “nasty ones”? Why bother to find out if we have this new bug if we feel fine and have no symptoms of illness unless we have been neglectful of basic hygiene, regularly eat junk food, don’t get enough exercise, enough sleep? Do we ask to be tested for the virus that causes the cold, the virus that causes the flu, any “bug” at all, when there are no symptoms of a health problem? Why then test for coronavirus?

Does it mean nothing that if our bodies didn’t fight off bad microbes naturally, we wouldn't be here, for we wouldn’t have any ancestors?

Getting sick with a respiratory illness, regardless of the causative microbe, follows a deficiency in one’s natural immunity. Emergency cases aside, determining the cause of the deficiency and finding ways to correct it should be the first line of defense against any such illness. Preventing disease – eating healthy, regular exercise, adequate sleep, etc. − is too often glossed over and not enough taken seriously.

That said, it’s important to understand that no type of microbe can really be deleted from the face of the earth, as some “experts” seem to believe, like the ones who dominate the media for everyone’s attention. Trying to stamp out coronavirus or any other microorganism is – I must say it − crazy. Microbes − bad, good, indifferent − have been around forever. They’re here to stay. It’s their world too. They will mutate, if necessary, to stick around.

I’ve said it before that testing for a virus if there are no signs or symptoms of respiratory illness has no justification in sensible health care and is apt to create an unhealthy level of anxiety if promoted or required.

Knowing that a corona-style virus is in the body − one of many microbes constantly invading us and being fought off naturally 24/7, is not going to save anyone from a trip to E.R. That outcome may be expected if one’s immune system is not doing its job. It may be weakened or run down. With a ton of information on the subject of immunity and how to boost it, it’s smart to check this important angle on health. It’s also smart to be aware that respiratory viruses have been around forever and that face masks are not going to stop them. Wearing them constantly is in fact a danger to health – both physical and social. As for keeping your distance from other people, recall that this has always been a good idea when you or those near you are coughing, sneezing, wanting to hug… well, what else is new?

The spectacle of VIPs “in the know” who take off their masks, off-camera, should convince everyone that the mask/distancing syndrome is a scam and that punishing violators is a criminal corruption of justice. Nothing this absurd and outrageous would ever have been tolerated before 2020, year of an extremely important presidential election.

In short, the unnatural and dehumanizing lockdowns and measures against infection being drummed into us by leftist media and rammed into us by leftist public officials, have no support in common sense, history, or science.

Why then is it “necessary” to get “tested for coronavirus” if you aren’t sick and have no symptoms of illness? Could it be that a viral infection with a recovery rate over 99%, even for the elderly, is being used to spook the public into compliance with orders from power-hungry politicians and moguls with a respect for human rights and the Constitution that approaches zero?

Pause to think, a moment. After millennia of human existence, all of a sudden in A.D. 2020, a virus halts our way of life and forces us to obey corona cops, power-obsessed governors, and complicit sheriffs. Are you still calling our government one that is “of the people, by the people, and for the people?”

If you believe that there is something terribly wrong about this “pandemic,” you’re not crazy and you’re not a conspiracy theory nut but one of millions worldwide who will not roll over when our God-given right to life and freedom is snatched from us in a manic drive to control us from cradle to grave by an essentially clueless class of moguls with Marxist delusions of grandeur. Such in-plain-sight tyranny can and must be resisted, not just for ourselves but for our children and their children.

The Covid restrictions putting our lives on hold won’t end until we stop them. Returning to normal – meaning back to being human – must be a job for everyone not being fooled by “the pandemic.” It’s high time to boot out the BS regarding coronavirus, beginning with the fib that “testing positive” means there’s another “case of coronavirus” that must be reported to the public. Daily tally reports on “cases” help keep the public brainwashed and compliant.

If we don’t dare live like normal human beings now, we will be made to live like imitation human beings in the future by dictatorial globalists who pretend to be our saviors.

For the many who continue to accept as true what they get from television and from other mainstream media regarding coronavirus, thinking that, well, “those news reporters wouldn’t be lying,” I have this to say: if you think the mainstream news delivers the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, you had better think again.

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Anthony J. DeBlasi is a veteran and life-long culture warrior.

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