Disparate Impact for Thee, but Not for Me?

It must have been obvious to an intelligent observer that a lack of meaningful and publicly verifiable monitoring of elections integrity has disproportionately benefited Democrat candidates.  So many times, when election processes or other circumstances facilitated fraud and cheating, it was the Democrat Party that was the foremost beneficiary of that facilitation.  The 2020 presidential election is not an exception from that pattern. We have seen it over and over again.  Many races that Democrat candidates were decidedly losing during Election Day often ended up in their favor late at night or early next morning, when it was easier to stuff ballot boxes or to doctor the counting of the votes.  This hardly ever happened to Republican candidates.  The same tendency was observed in cases of a broken chain of custody of the ballots when it was easier to cure the original ballots, or replace them with fabricated ones, or inject...(Read Full Article)
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