What Would George Patton Do?

It’s always fun to think what an historic personality would do if faced with the same predicament this voter fraud has brought to President Trump.  Since Patton is his favorite general, likely the only one he respects, let’s play around. Patton was the master of offense.  Never sit still, always attack, keep your enemy off balance. Translated to the current situation we see the Trump team collecting every piece of evidence possible showing massive voter fraud.  Lots of pieces it appears.  People are showing up with their phone photos of election workers covering windows so Republicans cannot see in.  This week the litigation starts.  That’s an offense of sorts. While that is critical, it fails in one key respect -- these lawsuits have antidotes.  The other side shows up and their in-the-bag media pals gaslight America with one story after another about how some fraudulent act was just a process error -- happens all the...(Read Full Article)
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